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Freeware to Convert Encrypted PDF File to Word DOC DOCX

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For security reasons, some PDF files are encrypted to prevent unwanted access. Usually, with PDF creator software, we can make some settings to disallow other people to

Print the document         Modify the document
Copy text and images      Modify comments

Therefore such PDF files can be read only. It’s impossible to copy the text or image from the PDF files for further contents reuse.

Is there any way to convert encrypted PDF files to word DOC or DOCX?

The answer is absolutely yes. With AnyBizSoft PDF to Word Converter Free, your problem can be perfectly resolved. Did I say free? This free PDF to Word converter can help you unlock the security settings and convert the entire text and image contents to fully-formatted editable word DOC or DOCX documents in seconds.

The following image clearly displays the steps of the encrypted PDF to word conversion. (As stated, AnyBizSoft Studio has been acquired by Wondershare Software Co, Ltd.. I guess that’s why the title is Wondersare PDF to Word though I downloaded the freeware from AnyBizSoft site.)

Step 1: Click “Add Files” to import your source PDF files, no matter normal or encrypted.
Step 2: Customize the output folder. You may keep the default settings.
Step 3: Click “Convert”. That’s all! Quite simple, isn’t it?

Now, let me show you the difference between the original PDF file and the word document converted from the encrypted file. Kidding! Actually, there is no difference at all! AnyBizSoft PDF to Word Converter Free perfectly preserves all the text, layouts, images, tables and hyperlinks. It also supports Batch conversion, up to 200 PDF files, Partial, and Right-click conversion modes.

You may also wonder how to encrypt PDF files. What I use is an open source PDF Creator freeware.

1. Open the document you wish to convert into a PDF in its default application.
2. Print the document as you would on a standard printer.
3. When the print dialog appears, change the printer from your default printer to the PDF Creator printer.
4. Another window will appear asking you to fill in some information to create your PDF. Click “Options” and then “PDF” under the “Format” category. You will find the encryption settings.

5. Click on the “Save” button to pick the location where you want to save the PDF. It will work automatically.


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