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Start Menu Modifier Review: How to Move Windows 8 Start Screen to Desktop?

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Can Windows 8 Start Screen completely replace the Start Menu? Obviously, Microsoft doesn’t leave a way out for the Start Menu of all Windows 8 editions. For average users, the Modern UI or Metro UI style is friendly and easy to access. But for advanced users, it’s painful to switch from the Start Screen to desktop back and forth. Here I’d love to share with you a useful utility called “Start Menu Modifier” which allows you to have the contents of Start Screen directly on your desktop.

The Modern UI used by Windows 8 is fairly intuitive and neat. However, some early adopters of Windows 8 complained that the integration of new Modern UI and traditional desktop was neither fish nor fowl. Some complex applications still need Windows desktop environment. Without Start Menu, you have to enter the Start Screen to run the application. The application is then actually launched in the desktop environment. I don’t quite understand the intention of this design.

Every time you want to start an application on Windows 8, you have to do it via the Start Screen. With Start Menu Modifier, the Start Screen can be displayed in the traditional desktop. That is to say, you don’t have to get out of desktop to operate the Start Screen in order to access tiles of installed applications. It saves you the trouble of switching between Start Screen and desktop repeatedly.

How to Move Windows 8 Start Screen to Desktop with Start Menu Modifier?

Download Start Menu Modifier and run it. You’ll see some settings. “Position” means the position the Start Screen will appear. Here it shows Bottom and a height of 325px. “Screen” is mainly for multi-screen settings. Can’t wait to test it? Just click the “Apply” button!

Press the Windows key, you’ll notice that the Start Screen is now displayed on your desktop. Instead of displaying in full screen, it is located at the bottom by the height of 325px. Move your mouse over the Start Screen, you can operate it as usual.

Start Menu Modifier is really simple to use with the option to select the Position. Click the drop-down menu, four options are available including Bottom, Top, Full Height and Auto. Select the one you prefer and click “Apply”. That’s it!

“Hotkey” is a friendly shortcut key. It takes effect when you want to resume the full screen. For example, if I press “M”, check “Ctrl” and press “Register Hotkey”, then I can change the screen size of the Start Screen by using “Ctrl+M”. Do remember to check “Run at windows startup” if you want to automatically run this utility when launching your Windows 8 system.

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