Vivo Watch 3: Everything We Know About The New Smartwatch With AI That Will Arrive On November 13

Vivo Watch 3

The smartwatch market is about to receive a new competitor that promises to raise the bar for innovation. Vivo is preparing to unveil its latest creation, the Vivo Watch 3, on November 13.

This device not only stands out for its elegant and modern design, with a circular dial and a rotating crown, but also for being the pioneer in incorporating BlueOS, the operating system developed internally by Vivo, written in the Rust programming language and equipped with generative artificial intelligence.

The Vivo Watch 3, offered in at least two styles with silicone and leather straps, is also characterized by its curved OLED display that gives it a smooth and attractive look. Additionally, the watch is rumoured to feature standalone 4G LTE communication capability and offer a new “desk pet” feature similar to the one present on the vivo X Flip model. Integration with Origin OS 4.0 will allow deep connection between multiple devices.

Vivo’s announcement not only reveals an advance in terms of hardware but also a commitment to a more robust and personalized software ecosystem. Not only will BlueOS offer a wide range of watch faces, but it will also feature its app store, opening the door to broader third-party app support.

This strategy marks a clear distancing from the most widespread operating systems, such as Google’s Wear OS, and reflects Vivo’s ambition to offer a unique experience to its users.

The Vivo Watch 3 will also maintain the health and fitness features that users expect from a modern wearable, including monitoring heart rate and blood oxygen levels. With this launch, Vivo not only seeks to compete in the smartwatch market but also set a new standard in integrating artificial intelligence into people’s daily lives.

Those interested in the Vivo Watch 3 and the new BlueOS operating system can expect more details on the launch date when Vivo reveals all the capabilities and features of its latest innovation in wearables.

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