DDoS Attacks

When Hackers Bring Websites To Their Knees: Best Practices Against DDoS Attacks

Cyber ​​criminals use Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks to target companies and institutions by bringing down servers or web services. For example, attackers bombard a website’s IP address with so much traffic that the website and any web server connected to it are unable to respond to the requests. This makes the website inaccessible…

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Cybersecurity: Objectives And Functionalities Of The CRM

Customer relationship management has become an essential business practice. Gone are the days when sensitive customer and business data was securely stored in a locked cabinet. Today, this information, including crucial financial information, such as banking data, invoices and payments, is stored on servers, possibly virtual devices called “cloud”, strongly connected to the web, therefore…

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Data Protection

Data Protection As A Driving Force Behind Entrepreneurial Activity

2021 was tough, and not just in terms of cyber security. The pandemic has forced companies to put entire workforces into remote working mode. This has presented IT teams everywhere with major operational challenges.  The degree of uncertainty is significant, but it is manageable from a data management perspective – provided a little planning is…

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The Twelve Most Common Cyber Threats - IT Security Threats At A Glance

The Twelve Most Common Cyber Threats – IT Security Threats At A Glance

Cybercriminals want to make money. And so, companies and their IT infrastructure are increasingly becoming the focus of attackers. Every IT security employee has to deal with phishing attacks, ransomware & Co. every day. Here we explain how to ward off annoying cyberattacks successfully. The biggest IT security threats at a glance: Phishing Social engineering…

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Artificial Intelligence In Cybersecurity - A Double-Edged Sword

Artificial Intelligence In Cybersecurity A Double-Edged Sword

Artificial intelligence has long since arrived in cybersecurity – but criminals are also increasingly using AI for their attacks. At the end, which side has the most leverage? From its humble beginnings to today, artificial intelligence has come a long way. Technology now surrounds us in many areas of our everyday lives. It decides what…

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