Picuki -What Is It? Is It Safe To Use?


Picuki is one of the Best Instagram Viewer And Editor and helps you to download images and Videos from your Instagram account. To assist businesses in making social media postings that their users would want to share, Picuki Instagram compiles information from Instagram and Facebook and makes it available to users for free. The time and money you spend setting it up will be well worth it since we know the limited time available and the massive scope of the task. Therefore, the Picuki platform/tool has been amassing a stock picture collection of 1,000 photos to create shareable visual content such as memes, infographics, and more.

What Is Picuki?

Picuki is a free online viewer and editor for Instagram that lets you quickly and easily enhance and save amazing photos without learning complex software/programming. For other creative professionals who use visual communication, the tool was developed by creative designers. It just takes a click to transform your images into professionally designed artwork that will get people talking. You can be familiar with photo editing sites like PicMonkey & Pixlr. However, Picuki is the best among others. It is a whole new resource for ambitious makers of visual media.

Features Of Picuki Tool

Creating beautiful Instagram photographs has never been easier than with the Picuki tool. If you want to do this, do and follow the steps below:

  • Launch the official Picuki website using any browser.
  • If you know the user’s profile, tag, or location, you can just input that information and hit enter.
  • Whenever a username is entered, a list of associated accounts is shown.
  • Click the account you want to modify and select the post you want to change.
  • You will see two buttons, ‘Edit’ and ‘Download. Determine the best course of action by selecting the appropriate radio button.
  • To modify the picture, click the “Edit” button.
  • Crop, filters, adjust, fonts, brush, stickers, focus, and borders are all available tools for modifying photos.

When you are through making adjustments, click the “Download” option to save your work.

Positive Aspects & Specified Features Of Picuki

While there are plenty of perfectly functional online and offline picture editing tools, the picuki tool is tailored specifically to increase Instagram followers. Let us talk about the characteristics and advantages:

  • Entering the Instagram user’s handle is all required to see their stories if you do not have an account.
  • Picuki is an app that enables Instagram photo downloads. The Instagram story downloader is the finest there is.
  • Picuki, an Instagram viewer and editor, allows everyone to see your Instagram stories. It allows you to keep your Picuki profile secret.
  • When you click the Like button on the right of the homepage, you will see the most popular stories, much like on Instagram.
  • To see which themes and subjects are currently popular, you can sort the results by time frame by clicking the Thumb-Like button.
  • The fact that you can use Picuki to download and edit pictures without installing anything on your computer is its most appealing feature. The Instagram stories can be seen and edited by simply visiting Picuki.
  • Anyone can download any video they want to watch later in a single easy step.

How To Keep Your Picuki Profile Private?

The Picuki allows anybody to see or change any Instagram profile and stories. Follow the steps below to safeguard your privacy when editing or posting:

  • To delete content from your homepage, use the ellipsis menu (three dots) in the upper right corner.
  • Next, please complete the form on the right – type in your email address, Instagram handle, and a few words describing your profile.
  • Please enter the code and then click the Send button.
  • Two or three business days after making the request, picuki will no longer be able to access your profile.

Note that although this can prevent others from seeing your profile on Picuki, it can still be seen on other platforms. To keep it entirely hidden, you must go to your Instagram settings and choose the “Private” option. In two to three days, the admins will make your profile private.

Alternatives To Picuki Platform

You do not need to be logged into Instagram to see and change your posts before publishing them, which is fantastic. You can skip the time-consuming step of retouching your images on your computer before uploading them to Instagram. Here are some alternatives to Picuki that we recommend:


SmiHub, like Picuki, is an Instagram editor & viewer. Access everything on Instagram’s media, from stories to photos and videos. As anticipated, access to the features requires neither registration nor authentication. Picuki is superior to SmiHub, another Instagram viewer software, because of one key feature. You can still browse Instagram anonymously with this extension. Nobody will suspect you of cyberstalking the content’s creator.


Inflact is the most often suggested alternative Instagram viewer to Picuki. Instagram content, including stories, can be viewed and downloaded without restriction. The tool also allows users to see public highlights. But the most excellent part of the app is that you can see who has blocked you. When you need to spy on some other account, Inflact is a valuable tool. For instance, you can use it to keep tabs on the latest news from a target account. The application also allows you to store posts in your profile for later viewing.


Although it differs somewhat from Picuki, this Instagram viewer is still a great option. It provides a quick and easy way for Instagram users to check the account popularity of any account they want. Gramhir also estimates how many people will notice and like a post. This site’s value lies in the fact that it makes good use of statistical evidence. Everything is broken out numerically, allowing for easy comparison of various Instagram profiles. Because of its anonymity, the account holders you keep tabs on could not realize you are doing so.


The fact that this free and secure Instagram app is a big selling point, but do not let that fool you into believing it lacks valuable capabilities. Instaxyz, for instance, compiles a list of its most popular users and displays it to its users. It is a helpful resource for account owners who want to start making money from their profiles. Find the accounts and profiles you are interested in following with ease. You can also see comments and other statistics besides the data and images.


Instagram has another editor and viewer, but InstaDP is on another level. Instagram is more than just a place to look at people’s profiles and private photographs. It also has a robust set of stories that users can follow. You can sneakily watch video content without anybody noticing. Plus, it can download stories, which is the frosting on the cake. Users cannot zoom photos on Instagram, but you can use this tool, and they will still retain their excellent quality. In addition, the app has a function that can compile all the content you find interesting and can be a best alternative to Picuki.


By using Fullinsta, you have access to one of the most remarkable Instagram viewing experiences available. The Instagram Application Programming Interface (API) is the foundation for all its features. Also, it is not hard to figure out how to utilize the web-based app. To locate the desired accounts, enter a hashtag or username. It is assumed that the instrument will keep you safe so you can use it without anxiety. The description implies that no data mining occurs on this site.


You can see everything that has been uploaded on Instagram here similar to Picuki. Without their knowledge, you can freely peruse the contents of your friends’ posts. This app is excellent if you want to start conversations with people you have never met. All Instagram content is organized by time using StoriesDown. Plus, it has a built-in filter that will hide any unfavourable feedback from your view. You can tailor your viewing experience to your interests in this manner.


You can browse through any Instagram account you choose with this handy tool. All devices are capable of displaying such content. That feature not only lets you see the contents of private Instagram profiles but also allows you to follow the accounts in question. This program’s ability to restore previously erased data and communications is a fantastic bonus. Instagram also allows users to export their photos and videos as a zipped file. We are constantly adding new features to Watchinsta to keep it fresh and engaging.


Logging onto Instagram, downloading photographs, editing them with various programs, and more is laborious and time-consuming. One fast and straightforward option is to fire up Picuki, look for the content you want to alter and get to work. You do not need any additional programs, tools, or browser extensions to do that.

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