CRM Marketing Tools: Definition, Choice, Trends

CRM Marketing Tools

Implementing a CRM is a necessity for any business. This tool makes it possible to organize and develop relationships with customers and prospects. Its use, therefore, concerns all employees of a structure. However, certain solutions can particularly target a service using dedicated functionalities. This is particularly the case for CRM marketing tools. Here is everything you need to know about this type of software.

CRM Marketing Tool: What Are We Talking About?

Contrary to popular belief, CRMs are not just for sales teams. Your marketing department can also benefit perfectly from it. However, it is important to choose an appropriate solution, one that places particular emphasis on aspects linked to marketing.

Definition Of A CRM Marketing Tool

As a reminder, CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. We also talked about GRC CRM (customer relationship management). This term first refers to the strategy deployed to manage interactions between a company and its customers or prospects. Furthermore, it designates the tool used to implement this strategy.

Marketing CRM tools are CRM systems that allow you to plan, execute, and monitor your marketing actions in a more targeted and efficient manner. With such a solution, you will be able to allocate your marketing efforts more intelligently and optimize the performance of your campaigns.

What Role Does A CRM Marketing Tool Play In A Company?

A CRM marketing tool centralizes all information relating to your customers and prospects (contact details, purchase history, preferred communication channels, preferred payment methods, etc.). It also records all your teams’ interactions with your contacts. This tool constitutes an essential database for managing your marketing strategy. Thanks to it, your employees can easily access the essential data of your customers and prospects, knowing that they are grouped in the same place.

In addition, CRM marketing tools make all kinds of dedicated functionalities available to your marketing department. These include for example, the creation and execution of email campaigns, the automation of marketing actions and even marketing analytics.

The implementation of CRM marketing tools aims to optimize customer relationship management. This improvement results from the advantages provided by this solution.

What Are The Advantages Of CRM Marketing Tools?

CRM marketing tools have multiple advantages. Those discussed below are particularly interesting.

Better Personalization Of Interactions With Prospects And Customers

Thanks to the complete integration of your prospects’ and customers’ data,  CRM marketing tools offer insights that will allow you to understand their needs in depth. You will, therefore, be able to offer them tailor-made offers that will create their satisfaction and strengthen their loyalty.

Personalization extends to everyday interactions with your prospects and customers. Your employees can use the data stored in the marketing CRM to adapt their messages and provide relevant responses corresponding to the interests and concerns of your target. In this way, the latter will benefit from an overall pleasant experience, which will stimulate their engagement.

Better Knowledge And Segmentation Of Your Market For Targeted Marketing Campaigns

By centralizing all your contact data and recording the interactions they have had with your company, a CRM marketing tool will allow you to better understand your target. Indeed, the preferences and purchasing habits of your customers and prospects will become clearer to you. Additionally, you will be able to better understand their needs.

Furthermore, a marketing CRM will help you effectively segment your contact base by providing valuable data such as their age, gender, geographic location, average basket, etc. You will be able to set up targeted marketing campaigns for each group based on the segmentation.

In addition, thanks to a dedicated CRM tool, your marketing teams will have increased visibility into the conversion funnel. They will then be able to optimize each stage of the customer journey, which will necessarily improve the conversion rate.

Increased Productivity Of Marketing And Customer Service Teams Thanks To Marketing Automation

A CRM marketing tool saves considerable time by automating a variety of repetitive and time-consuming tasks. For example, this software can support the planning, delivery and monitoring of email campaigns. It is also capable of generating content to maintain leads. Thanks to this tool, your marketing teams will be able to take care of a greater number of high-value-added tasks.

Marketing automation also benefits your customer service agents. It allows you to provide automated responses to frequent queries. This will allow your employees to focus on complex support requests that require human intervention. What’s more, they will be able to quickly provide solutions thanks to instant access to the history of interactions recorded in the marketing CRM.

Better Generation And Management Of Leads And Sales

The targeted marketing campaigns that CRM marketing tools allow you to deploy, thanks to better segmentation of your contact base, generate more qualified leads. These present a real potential for converting into customers. The sales cycle is also accelerated with qualified leads because the time it takes to close a deal is reduced.

Lead management also becomes more efficient with a marketing CRM. Providing real-time visibility across the entire customer journey, this solution will allow your marketing teams to evaluate lead engagement and adjust their actions based on their behaviour.

On the other hand, a marketing CRM improves sales management. Giving your sales teams access to detailed lead information will help them deliver a relevant and personalized message that will increase their chances of closing sales. Furthermore, automating various tasks (updating customer data, sending documents, scheduling follow-ups, etc.) will allow them to fully concentrate on their core business, namely sales.

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Ultimately, More Business And ROI

CRM marketing tools will help you retain your customers by allowing you to:

  • Highly personalize the experience you offer;
  • Deploy a knowledge base through which your customers can find certain answers for themselves;
  • Implement targeted loyalty programs.

However, studies show that loyal customers tend to buy more frequently and increase their average basket. Furthermore, they are more inclined to recommend your company to those around them, which will allow you to easily gain new customers.

It is also important to emphasize that a CRM marketing tool will allow you to benefit from an excellent ROI (return on investment). Thanks to the analysis tools it integrates, you will be able to evaluate the performance of your marketing campaigns in real-time and quickly make adjustments if necessary. You will thus maximize the effectiveness of your investments. By generating more promising leads, this software will also allow you to reduce unnecessary costs and allocate your resources efficiently, which will improve overall ROI.

How To Choose Your Software Among CRM Marketing Tools?

Choosing a CRM marketing tool can be a real headache, as there are so many software programs available on the market. You absolutely must consider several criteria to be sure to opt for the best solution.

Criteria To Take Into Account

Price is a determining criterion of choice. After setting a budget for your CRM marketing tool, study the prices charged by different publishers to identify suitable offers. Make sure you understand the pricing model. This can, in fact, be based on the number of users, the desired options or other factors.

Then, pay special attention to CRM features. These must meet the specific needs of your business. List the features that you consider essential so you can check if they are covered by the solutions that interest you.

The marketing CRM that you adopt must also be able to adapt to your workflows as well as your specific requirements. It is, therefore, advisable to favour flexible and customizable software.

Also, look at analytical capabilities, as they are essential for evaluating the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns and making informed decisions. Choose a system that integrates robust analysis tools and provides customizable dashboards as well as detailed reports.

Also prefer a GRC tool with a friendly user interface. This criterion is crucial. A user-friendly user interface guarantees the adoption of the software by your teams.

Also, consider the ability of CRM marketing tools to integrate with your existing tools. Software that can connect and work properly with solutions already in place will save your employees all sorts of inconveniences, including having to manually enter data.

Don’t forget to think about scalability. Your CRM system must be able to support the evolving needs of your business in terms of required functionalities as well as the number of users and volume of data.

Finally, always ask about the customer support offered by a solution provider. It is essential that it is able to provide assistance quickly in the event of problems.

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