Digital Storytelling

What Is Digital Storytelling?

Known as Storytelling, this is one of the forms of content creation that is currently gaining the most relevance. That is why here we will talk about what digital storytelling is, a version focused 100% on the world of the Internet. Defining Is The Storytelling Storytelling means storytelling or can be interpreted as the art […]

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Increased Seo Traffic

How To Transfer A Domain With Increased Seo Traffic?

The domain of a web page is a fundamental part. This element acts as the address of your virtual portal, while acting in the same way as the illuminated sign of a physical store does – in part, this is the reason why it is recommended that the domain be related to the activity or […]

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Online Marketing

Brand Building With Minimal Budget Thanks To Online Marketing

Even the best business idea can fail without the right support. How to start a business and build a brand when your budget is not exactly ideal? Try it with online marketing. Can online marketing be done with minimal cost? Yes! Online marketing does not mean investing all your money in paid PPC ads. Or […]

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The 3 Essential Web Steps To Exist Online

Today, whether you are the bearer of a business creation project in industry, service or commerce, being present on the web has become essential! Nevertheless, developing your business using digital technology requires looking at three key elements: the domain name, online presence and the definition of an appropriate web strategy. We give you the keys […]

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Web Structure

What Is The Web Structure And Why Is It Important

We live in an environment in which digital is gaining more prominence every day. It is a fact that we interact, buy and do financial operations through the web. Social networks, online banks, virtual stores… There are hundreds of activities that we carry out through our computer or mobile. If you have a business, company […]

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Digital Marketing Strategy

Succeed In Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Do you want to improve your online visibility and implement an effective marketing strategy? To optimize your actions, it is better to be clear about certain basic prerequisites. Here are 3. Define My Level Of Knowledge And Expertise When we talk about digital marketing strategy, several areas of expertise can be called upon: the content […]

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Social Selling Strategy

5 Tips For A Successful Social Selling Strategy On LinkedIn

LinkedIn is an essential social network for commercial prospecting. Here are some tips to help you define and succeed with your social selling strategy on the platform. LinkedIn is much more than just a platform where job supply and demand meet. It is now one of the essential social networks for commercial prospecting. For what? […]

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Cloud SME

Cloud SME: Why And How?

The IT and communication infrastructure is essential for the proper functioning of SMEs on a daily basis. Cloud computing can help businesses streamline processes, reduce IT expenses, and maintain business continuity, even with remote working. As the SMB cloud is adopted by more than 85% of small and medium enterprises to store data, cloud computing […]

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3 Reasons Why It Is Worth Starting Your Own Blog

It is no longer possible to see blogs as just an online place where you just write whatever comes to your mind. It is a great tool to improve awareness of your person, your brand, support your business or reach like-minded people. Blogs are used as a way of presentation by politicians, businessmen, authors of […]

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These Are 3 Sure Signs That You Need An E-Commerce Audit

Launching an e-shop or other professionally tuned website can be a matter of a few days. However, its gradual tuning is already a long way off and at the same time includes a number of different processes. In this case, it is not unusual to neglect and overlook something. An e-commerce audit is a useful […]

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