What Does A Community Manager Do?

Community Manager

Social networks have existed for more than ten years; we are all familiar with them, and they are used daily by companies and users. Unsurprisingly, the community manager profession continues to be one of the most in demand. On the other hand, not everyone is clear about what being a Community Manager consists of and their tasks and responsibilities. We will explain it to you.

What Does A Community Manager Do?

The community manager is the person who is responsible for managing, monitoring and moderating a company’s social networks, in addition to planning and executing their strategy. But what does all this mean?

In reality, the community manager links the brand and the user. In a world dominated by social networks, he is the person who is on the front line trying to generate conversation among users, giving visibility to campaigns and, the most challenging thing, receiving criticism and managing reputation crises for a brand.

For all this and more, specific knowledge and skills are needed in digital marketing, advertising, communication or public relations, among others, since poor management could damage the brand’s image and generate a major crisis.

What Does And Does Not Do As A Community Manager?

Many brands and companies have the figure of; it is common to confuse these two profiles. However, it is important to differentiate them since both capabilities are different. The Social Media Manager needs to be a very strategic and analytical person. The Community Manager must have excellent social skills, be mentally agile and be creative.

In the digital marketing world, other profiles are often confused with the Community Manager, but on the other hand, they have nothing to do with it.

Social Media Manager:

It is the profile that is most confused with that of Community Manager. The Social Media Manager is in charge of designing the strategy, actions or campaigns that are carried out on social networks, and the Community Manager is the one who executes them. It is very common to confuse these two profiles. However, it is important to differentiate them since the capabilities of one and the other differ. The Social Media Manager needs to be a very strategic and analytical person. The Community Manager must have great social skills, be mentally agile, and be creative.

Website Manager:

The management of the web page does not depend on the figure of the community manager. Depending on the nature of the business, there may be a team dedicated solely to the web, which is in charge of SEO, writing and stock management (in the case of e-commerce).

The Community Manager must contact the web team directly to synchronize actions and give visibility to campaigns or articles. Still, managing a website will never be one of his responsibilities. Creation of multimedia graphic content:

Images and videos are frequently used in social networks, but generally, these contents are not created by the Community Manager but by the company’s design team.

It is true that to enhance the immediacy of responses, the Community Manager must have the ability to create certain types of content, such as GIFs, Memes, etc., that will always have a more informal character. But official communications should always depend on the design department of the company.

What Does It Take To Be A Community Manager?

It is common to think that posting on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter for a company is a taskĀ 

that anyone could do, but the Community Manager role goes further. The main job of the Community Manager is not to post on social networks but rather to manage the community, encourage users to take action and communicate with them, resolve doubts and manage criticism.

There are many elements to consider, so it is important to have solid training to dedicate yourself to working in this field.

In addition to training, it is a profession with a significant weight on the qualities and social skills of the Community Manager. Take note of what characteristics this professional should have:

Know how to listen. Active listening is essential for a community manager; considering what the community thinks and acting accordingly will mark future strategies.

  • Have patience: Encountering complaints, negative comments, and hostile customers is the daily bread of a social media professional. Not losing your temper, not taking it to the personal terrain and responding appropriately is essential.
  • Be creative: Creativity is very important to develop new communication and marketing strategies that are attractive to the user.
  • To be organized: The community manager must be scheduled to manage the different tasks that have to be carried out on the channels.
  • Have a passion for technology: Having knowledge about new technologies and the curiosity to continue expanding them day by day makes the difference between a good professional and one of a bunch.
  • Have good spelling and writing: It is necessary to have excellent spelling and writing ability since most of the communication to be carried out is written.

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