Digital Trafficker: Much More Than Online Advertising Campaigns!

Digital Trafficker

The arrival of digital marketing brought with it numerous new professions, such as the community manager, which although we all now know what functions this professional performs, a few years ago it was a complete mystery. And not only the community manager, professionals such as the SEO specialist, SEM or the digital manager also appeared. Even so, today we still find less common professions such as digital trafficker or traffic manager. Do you want to know what this profession consists of and what functions it performs? Continue reading this article and discover that much more! Who knows, maybe you are discovering the job of your dreams.

What Or Who Is A Digital Trafficker?

The digital trafficker or traffic manager is the professional in charge of web traffic management, that is, he is in charge of attracting traffic to the website both organically and paid, and of course in social networks. So the digital trafficker is mainly concerned with developing and implementing internet advertising campaigns. However, this concept goes much further, the trafficker is involved in the entire process, from the creation of a campaign to its monitoring, reporting and even optimization. This provides a joint vision of the impact that the advertising campaign may have had.

So What Do I Need To Know To Work As A Trafficker?

If you want to dedicate yourself to this world, you must have specialized knowledge of monitoring, optimization and analysis of the results of all those advertising campaigns that have been carried out online.

So, as you will see, any digital marketing team needs the services of this professional in its workforce.

In addition, the digital trafficker must be multidisciplinary since he must know the basic concepts of different disciplines. Among them, you must know how to work with photo retouching tools, HTML, web programming, spreadsheets , etc.

If it has not yet been clear to you, you should know that the digital trafficker is the professional who bears the full responsibility for meeting the goals and objectives of the campaigns carried out through online media.

How Does A Digital Trafficker Carry Out The Implementation Of A Campaign?

First, the trafficker receives the material that he has requested from the graphic designer for the campaign itself. Can’t the digital trafficker himself make that material? As we have explained, the trafficker himself must have knowledge in terms of photo retouching and editing, but we advise you to have a graphic designer for a professional finish.

After reviewing the material, aspects such as the naming convention (which is nothing more than the nomenclature used to name the campaigns, for tracking and identification), the redirection of URLs, the creation of audiences , etc. are certified.

Finally, the codes (or pixels) are implemented if necessary and it is checked that there are no errors.

Fundamental Tools For The Digital Trafficker

Google Analytics, To Measure Results

Who does not know today Google Analytics ? This tool allows us to track websites, blogs and social networks . It also has a metric called campaigns, so we can see the data of all the campaigns we have carried out. How can the digital trafficker bypass this tool?

Google Adwords, Payment Platform

Google Adwors is Google’s fundamental advertising platform. So to advertise and carry out paid campaigns on Google, you have no choice but to use it. Its operation is based on bids , and this is for more than one article but I will try to summarize it. First you decide the amount you want to spend, and you make a bid per click , that is, what it will cost you each time someone clicks on your ad, after which you launch the campaign.

Photoshop, For Photo Retouching

Obviously the digital trafficker is not an expert in design, but he needs some basic knowledge in terms of photo retouching, and how he does not need to know a little about the operation of the king of retouching, Photoshop.

In this case, we advise you to take a look at some articles that we offer about this editor:

Facebook Ads, Online Advertising On Facebook

The operation of this tool is quite simple. The difference with Google Adwords is that campaigns are created based on the objective: Recognition, Prestige and Conversion . Thus, the ads will appear on the social network depending on the type of campaign and its objective.

The minimum amount to invest in each campaign is €5, and it can be paid through CPM (cost per thousand impressions) or CPC (cost per click).

So it becomes a great tool to attract traffic from social networks.

Semrush, Much More Than Keyword Searches

Semrush is a software that accumulates more than 100 million keywords and allows us to observe which websites located on the first pages of Google incorporate these keywords. In addition, these keywords are classified according to the positioning, the search volume and the adword cost per click (CPC) . What better tool can a digital trafficker use for their organic campaigns?

What Is The Reason For The Rise Of This Profession?

As we already know, every day there are more businesses that dare to sell their products or services through the internet, but let’s base ourselves on the data:

  • 42% of the world’s inhabitants are active users of a social network.
  • 11 new accounts are created on social networks every second.
  • Only Facebook and Instagram have 2.967 million profiles.
  • Electronic commerce has increased by 25% during the last year in our country.
  • Online video ads increase purchase intent by 97%.


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