The complete relaunch of a corporate website is a mammoth project for many companies, and a professional should discuss whether it is time for a website relaunch. If your website is already based on a modern content management system such as TYPO3 or WordPress, it is better to optimize it with technical, structural and content adjustments.

Whether it’s a complete website relaunch or optimization of the existing website, there are clear indicators of when the time has come for more far-reaching adjustments.

Outdated Web Design

Your website is getting on in years and shows an outdated web design, which no longer has any connection to the corporate structure of the print media or trade fair appearances. Color schemes and imagery should strengthen recognition on each channel to offer the user a seamless customer journey. In addition, a well-thought-out page structure has a positive effect on your search engine ranking and pleases visitors to your website.

The Website Does Not Generate Leads Or Inquiries

Research the causes: Perhaps the target group for which your offer is relevant has not been addressed at all? In addition, there is often only one contact form on the website and no call-to-action at all. Many interesting reports or case studies are not on the website but gather dust between old files. However, these are ideal for collecting contact information about limited download access.

Outdated Technical Standards & No Mobile Optimization

The websites are not optimized for smartphones and tablets and therefore do not have a responsive design. Too bad because the number of mobile users is constantly increasing. A web relaunch is urgently needed so that your website adapts to the respective end device as if by magic. Long loading times also show that your website is not state-of-the-art.

Outdated Information & No Benefit Communication

Does your website show outdated information and pixelated images? Great that your company has a history, and presenting reasonably creates trust. Your website should always be maintained in terms of content and show the latest status of your business model. For example, if a management consultancy claims to know the latest methods and strategies, it must also underline this claim with up-to-date information on the website.

Creating high-quality and relevant content for your target group is very time-consuming. Because your content is appropriate if you use it to answer questions from your potential customers and provide information about your company and your services. An important point often neglected is your web presence after the relaunch. For your B2B website to remain up to date, a concept must also be developed for it in the revision.

Lack Of Content Management System

You always have to ask your agency for help when small things need to be changed on the website. With content management systems (CMS) based on a database, you do not need any HTML programming knowledge to incorporate content into your website yourself. A little training is enough, and you can ensure that your websites are up-to-date. Well-known CMS are WordPress and TYPO3.

No Visibility

You have poor ranking results in the world’s most widely used search engine, Google. This means that you are not visible to interested parties. Now it’s time to conduct root cause analysis using keyword analysis. Even if you do not have a high search volume for your keywords, typical for b2b, it is possible to reach your potential customers with tailor-made content. Develop new landing pages that are highly relevant to your target group. In addition, technical and structural adjustments to your website must also be made during search engine optimization. A clean technical structure is a basis for a good ranking. A relaunch is a perfect opportunity to optimize the website from an SEO point of view fundamentally.

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