How To Transfer A Domain With Increased Seo Traffic?

Increased Seo Traffic

The domain of a web page is a fundamental part. This element acts as the address of your virtual portal, while acting in the same way as the illuminated sign of a physical store does – in part, this is the reason why it is recommended that the domain be related to the activity or theme that the web deals with.

An issue that is not usually given much attention is domain registration. Although the important thing is to start with the web page, it is not necessary to neglect with which company to register the domain.

Once you have started your project it will be time to transfer the domain if necessary.

Why Transfer The Domain

You can transfer your domain to IONOS or any other domain registrar to improve the services offered by your provider.

One thing is clear: it is much easier not to transfer a domain than to make such a change. That’s why, if you’re going to do a domain transfer, the move should be a nice advantage over staying as it is today.

Otherwise, it won’t be worth the effort. What, then, are the advantages that changing the domain provider can provide?

Enhanced Domain Registrar

Hiring the services of a good domain registrar is key to the future of your website and your company. This way you will avoid problems in the future such as the registrar selling the domain the moment the domain expires.

Centralize Services

If you have several web pages and portals, centralizing the domains and managing them all from a single provider greatly facilitates the task, making the entire process much more efficient and optimal.

General Considerations For Changing Domain Registrar

Regarding the aspects that define a good domain registrar, the following points should be highlighted:

  • Ease of Setup – One of life’s great maxims is to “keep it simple”. Of course, this way of thinking also applies to the world of the big network. Therefore, the easier it is to configure your domain and your website, the more comfortable it will be to control your space.
  • E-mail: the company e-mail gives elegance and seriousness to your web space. It is not the same to create email addresses with providers such as Gmail or Hotmail than to do it with the name of your website. This works in your interest.
  • Security: it is necessary to protect your personal security so that this data is not made public and is available to anyone. Your domain must also protect the security of your visitors. To achieve this, it is advisable to have the SSL certificate by contract. This will also help you rank higher in search engines as it provides more authority.
  • Subdomains: having subdomains is an important help when it comes to creating a personalized web page with a good structure, which is also reflected in terms of SEO optimization.
  • 24/7 assistance: being able to count on good customer service and assistance is essential to obtain better performance on your website. It is inevitable that at some point in its life a portal will require assistance. When this happens it is necessary to be prepared to solve the problems as soon as possible. The better support your domain provider provides, the faster you can get the web back to normal.
  • Domain Transfer Lock – It can happen that your domain is very attractive to other people, especially hackers. To prevent the theft of your page, it is very important to have a domain transfer block that enhances the security of your website.

What Steps You Need To Follow To Transfer Your Domain

Transferring a domain is a simple task that must go through the following stages.

1. Domain Unlock

The first step you need to take is to unlock your domain. As we have already seen above, blocking a domain is a recommended security action to maintain your domain. However, when you need to transfer the domain, you must deactivate the blocking of the domain.

2. Authorization Code, Epp Key

To change the domain registrar you will need an authorization code that your old provider will provide you. This code is known as the EPP key and your new registrar will ask you for it in order to continue the process.

When you have accessed the website of the new domain registrar, you only have to copy and paste said key in the indicated space to continue.

3. Confirmation Email

Once the authorization code has been sent, the email with which the domain was registered will receive an email confirming the transfer operation. A link will appear in the email that you must click to complete the change.
You should know that the domain transfer is not an immediate process. Although the request for the change is quick and easy, the transfer itself can take several days, although it will end up being effective.

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