What Is Digital Storytelling?

Digital Storytelling

Known as Storytelling, this is one of the forms of content creation that is currently gaining the most relevance. That is why here we will talk about what digital storytelling is, a version focused 100% on the world of the Internet.

Defining Is The Storytelling

Storytelling means storytelling or can be interpreted as the art of storytelling. Basically, it refers to a form of narrative where a story is used as the main axis for the development of both content and strategies.

Within this strategy, one of the keys to success in Storytelling is learning to develop a story itself, with an introduction, problem or climax and outcome. This, in order to connect with people, engage them with the story and take them to a final point such as knowing a brand, its products and promotions.

What Is Digital Storytelling?

Now that you know what conventional Storytelling is, you must infer what digital storytelling is. That’s right, basically it’s about bringing the ability to tell stories to the internet using digital media exclusively for the dissemination of stories.

Basically, it is about telling stories using photos and videos within social networks. Whether in the format of short or long commercials or in short formats, digital Storytelling can also be used in micro videos, as it can be in TikToks or Reels.

How Is Digital Storytelling Done?

Digital Storytelling is like any other style of storytelling, the only thing that changes is the medium through which we tell the story. It all begins by defining the script in which we will define the people, the problem, the plot and the outcome of the same story.

Subsequently, this must be landed in a format that is friendly to the digital environment, such as a video. An example of how digital storytelling is done is to record a video showing your audience what your brand does to change their life.

3 Keys To Success Of Digital Storytelling

The History

The first key that you must take into account for your storytelling in the digital environment to be successful is the story that you are going to tell. This is because if the story isn’t good and doesn’t connect with people, it just won’t work.

It is important that you define what the plot to follow will be, in addition to the fact that it must be well-founded and sustained throughout the production. A good trick is to use feelings, since these tend to connect very well.

The Middle

Another important point is to seek that the means by which the content will be shared is of the best quality. Both networks and website must work properly. We recommend you use the best web hosting in your sector which will allow you to have a better website. The faster it loads, the better the user experience will be and therefore the better the story will be appreciated.

The same happens with social networks which must be created to be easy to find and friendly with people. In this way they can fully appreciate the story and connect authentically with it.

The Objective

Finally, you should know that the objective plays a very important role in digital storytelling. This is because every story must lead to a point, it must not be diluted in just a pretty commercial or just a fairy tale that does not generate any clear result.

Behind every story there must be an intention. That intention should not necessarily be called sales but can be an approach to branding and brand building. The main goal is for the story to be worth something and not just a well-done piece of content.

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