E-learning For Your Company – What Is Relevant For You?


E-learning is becoming more and more relevant, but is it even interesting for your company? In this blog post, we will tell you why e-learning is a good fit for your company.

Many topics can be conveyed to your employees in a simplified manner through courses on an e-learning portal. There are training courses where you always have to pay increased costs due to catering, trips and increased time expenditure.

However, there is a solution for all these problems, whereby even the learning success of each individual employee increases and the whole thing is organized fully automatically, without installation or administration just for you.

Optical Adjustments

E-learning based on your corporate design (e.g. logo / colours)
Would you like to have an unusual design for your training course that is completely customized to your company?

With the colour adjustment of the entire layout, a uniform user experience is created. Of course, you can also easily integrate your own company logo to strengthen your own brand and give your web campus an individual touch.

Isn’t that enough for you? In addition to the individualized adaptation of the design, the creation of your own domain is of course also necessary, so that you can find the employee school at your desired address.

Simple adjustments based on your corporate identity.

Number Of Students

Your employees are your students

You can choose the number of students as you like: We offer you a wide range of graduations, but the number is by no means limited. The employee school is specially tailored to the requirements of medium-sized and large companies and offers the simplest web-based platform for entertaining e-learning training courses.

You can scale freely at any time and assign new courses to employees.

After your booking, each student will receive a welcome email, allowing them to register at their own pace and be able to complete the assigned course.

Integrate Your Own Training Content

PDF, PowerPoint, Word & more…

You can decide for yourself what is important to you in order to make your course as pleasant as possible. The staff training team can help you to integrate your own training content. No matter what form it takes, there is always a way to integrate a file or idea you have selected into a lesson.

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Languages ​​Of The Training

The courses of the employee school are offered in German and English as standard. However, it is also possible that these can be expanded to include another language if required.

Invite Students Independently

Entering the employees is done very easily via the platform’s own user administration. It is entirely up to you how you want to upload your employee file to the training portal.

Of course it is also possible to add an account manually.

In addition, you are guaranteed an overview of the learning progress of your employees and you can easily see which authorizations each individual has for a wide variety of courses.

What Training Topics Are You Also Interested In?

Do you have your own idea for a training course? Of course we can also respond to your wishes. We offer you the creation of your own courses. From content preparation to animation, our team of experts in this field is at your disposal.

It doesn’t matter whether you want to offer multiple choice questions or free text tasks in your course.

We create just the right mix of all areas for you to make the courses as entertaining and educational as possible.

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