Business Checklist: What Makes Good Web Design?

Web Design

Your website deserves the highest success. In order to achieve this, however, it takes more than perfect offers from a perfect company. Web success is based on user acceptance and interaction. Therefore, consider the 3 pillars to meet expectations for your web visitors and 7 tips on how to ensure the best experience.

Good web design is about more than intuitive navigation, a good search function, fast loading times and perfect analysis tools or the opportunity for website operators to make changes and updates themselves. Good web design concentrates fully on the user – and at the same time does not lose sight of the benefits for the company that provides the website.

The Foundation Of Good Websites

is the unity of three essential components for users:

Usability – how does it feel? This means an appealing look, addressing people at eye level, easy to find your way around, free choice of end device for users and fast loading times.

Technicality – Where are the standards? That means intuitive navigation, an integrated search function and multilingualism. Also (in the backend) analysis tools to learn more about visitors and of course legal compliance when handling data.

Actionability – What’s next? That means: Integrated social media links are expected here, as well as interaction, conversion offers and clear calls as a call-to-action.

A successful website is all about visitors. Their preferences, their expectations, their experience with your company are the focus. And if you take the short list above for technical jargon , then that proves once again the complexities of a successful web presence.

It Really Takes That For Excellent Web Design

In fact, no blanket concepts can be devised to make every web presence perfect. Every website needs an analysis at the level of your target groups. Findings from this – best collected as a persona – lead to the right web concept. And that ultimately has to be implemented and continuously maintained.

However, we know 7 precious tips that seasoned web designers and maintainers like to take as a basic checklist .

Because users set completely different standards for the best web design than the companies and people who initiate it.

Therefore, make your corporate web design :

Better simple than overloaded: It may hurt, but for your visitors, information always beats design. Research on the Internet doesn’t bother too much about the packaging. This is actually about the content.

clear rather than sophisticated It must be easy for visitors to navigate through your site. And not only in terms of content, but also visually: Sections and click areas should be clearly recognizable, logical connections should be easy to understand.

Better uniform than conspicuous? Does your company have a design world, with logo, colors, CI? – Maintain these uniform characteristics also with your web presence. That doesn’t mean you can’t customize their layout. Assign a separate layout for each page type of your presence: for main pages, blog, landing pages, etc. – The attempt to score points with a special extra design usually fails.

Better Accessible than Closed-up Your visitors decide how they find you. And therefore also with which end device. Consider that and take it seriously. No responsive design for all end devices costs valuable traffic. 

prefer conventional to avant-garde Some things cannot be changed because they are burned deep into the collective consciousness as an expectation. For example a logo that stands for you. Or a menu bar for quick navigation on websites. – This means: Not all web design conventions may be broken or ignored. Some are cornerstones of the web experience, others convey the credibility of a web presence.

Better unvarnished than spiced up Anyone who is honest on the web and scores with clear points of view, elaborate perspectives and provable arguments will achieve more traffic, more conversion, more digital success. Digital advertising must not be misunderstood as a digital form of self-promotion. Otherwise, your content will become suspicious for users.

Better for me than for marketing. The closer you and your content are to your personas, the better. Anyone who manages to capture the interests, preferences and nerves of their target groups with their content online will reap the most success digitally. It is important to address real personalities and show personality yourself.

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