Tips To Keep Your Android Running

Installing And Removing Applications

  • Before installing any application, make sure that the application is compatible with your mobile phone, otherwise your phone may freeze, turn off, and other errors.
  • With each installed application, you take up not only space on your memory card or phone memory, but also space on the operating memory. With each application, the load on this operating memory increases. The operating memory serves for the problem-free operation of the mobile phone, so that you don’t have to switch between menus and applications.
  • If you no longer use the application, we recommend that you properly delete the application, including all files that remain after the application.
  • Do not run multiple applications at once, close each application properly.
  • Install, for example, Android Booster or Advance Task killer, or another similar application. These apps monitor memory usage, power usage, and you can simply “kill apps” you’re not currently using, reducing RAM usage and battery drain.

Android System Running

  • Every user who uses a mobile phone with Android OS is recommended to restart the phone at least once a week in order to completely clean the operating RAM memory of files from running applications.
  • If you are going to tamper with the Android operating system, we recommend backing up everything that is important to you. After accessing the system, you can delete all data that cannot be restored.
  • Think about whether it is necessary to use your favorite Launcher (if it is more demanding). According to discussions on the Internet, Holo Launcher is considered to be the most advantageous Launcher, which is not demanding on RAM memory and is fully sufficient in its functionality.
  • Often, users also flash their existing ROM on their mobile phone. However, this process is very dangerous, during which the equipment may die. First of all, you void your warranty, and in general flashing ROMs is illegal!
  • When nothing really helps the phone, we recommend backing up important data and performing a so-called “hard reset”, when you return the phone to the original state in which the phone was purchased. Hard reset is performed by a combination of keyboard shortcuts or there is a Restore to factory state button in the system.

You Might Not Know What’s Holding Android Back

  1. Android’s biggest “pain” is rendering, when rendering has normal priority, which means the phone renders while doing other processes. So, unlike iOS and Windows, which have high-priority rendering, they stop all side processes and happily render.
  2. Multiplatform is another “sore leg” of Android. The Android system is not developed directly for the given hardware, as is the case with the iOS system, when the operating system is optimized only and for one type of hardware. On the other hand, pure Android, which has no graphical or other add-ons, is almost perfect. Probably the biggest advantage of Android is its openness and the possibility to add practically anything you can think of.

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