How To Cancel Screen Lock On Android?

Screen Lock On Android

Protect the contents of your mobile phone from thieves. The first line of security is the screen lock, which is more and more difficult to break if set correctly. And you don’t have to worry about forgetting your password and not getting in – you can eventually change it online.

A great servant, but a bad master. This is exactly how a screen lock works on an Android device. It’s a great security feature, but when it can’t be unlocked, it’s really maddening.

How To Unlock The Screen Lock On Android

Basically you have 5 options. Which Android phone lock is best for you? Judge for yourself.

No security

The first option is to disable security. The screen will thus always remain unlocked and accessible. Another option that doesn’t provide any protection is swiping the screen.


You can choose a gesture to unlock the display. It works by drawing a simple pattern with your finger and you’re done.


Lovers of the classics don’t allow a PIN. These are usually 4 numbers in any order. This method was used with older types of phones and is also popular with smartphones.


A password is even more secure than a PIN – it combines letters and characters in addition to numbers.


The fingerprint is completely unique, so it will not happen that someone gets into the phone for you. However, if your finger is wet or the sensor is dirty, it may not work. In these situations, you can click try another method to verify your identity and unlock the display.

How To Cancel Your Mobile Password When You Can’t Remember It

It has probably happened to everyone that they suddenly forgot something. But when it comes to the mobile screen lock, it’s really a problem. Fortunately, there is a way to solve everything.

1. Go to the Android Device Manager website.

2. Select the device you want to unlock.

3. Select the Lock option from the menu.

4. Enter a password to replace the original lock method.

5. Wait approximately 5 minutes.

6. Unlock the phone with a new password.

Use App Lock For Androids

Do you want to protect sensitive data? Then download Smart AppLock , which allows you to secure individual applications. They can be locked using a PIN, password or gesture. If your mobile phone is stolen and the thief manages to break the display lock, you will appreciate the extra protection of sensitive data.

Do You Have Children? Discover The Parental Lock Designed For Android

There is one more type of protection that especially excites parents. You can set Parental Control on Google Play . It allows you to limit the content displayed on mobile, downloads or purchases. So you will be sure that you protect your child from misinformation, dangerous content and will not ruin your wallet with uncontrolled purchases.

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