What Parameters To Consider When Choosing A Tablet?


Do you want to get a device that is small, light and works better than a mobile phone? In that case, you are definitely looking for a tablet. However, it is not entirely easy to find your way around the wide range of different types with different functions. We will help you in this and show the basic parameters according to which you should make a decision. What are they?

The Length Of The Diagonal

On a tablet, the screen size is much more important than on a laptop, because every inch is a lot to know. For those who basically just want a bigger and more powerful phone, a diagonal up to 8″ will be enough. For work and study purposes, 8″-12″ sizes are more practical. In addition, an external keyboard can be connected to the tablet, so you can occasionally have even a small laptop. You can find even larger tablets on the market, but they are already the size of some smaller laptops.

Operating System

There are more iOS products than Windows on the market, but most of them run on Android. Ideally, your tablet should have the operating system you are used to from your mobile phone. Tablets are much adapted to laptops, you will get to grips with the controls very quickly.

Processor And Memory

As with other devices, processor performance is key. A simple lesson applies here – the more cores, the better the performance. However, this also makes the tablets more expensive, so it is necessary to find a balance between the required performance and the idea of ​​the price. (Obviously, the performance is not only based on the number of cores in the processor, but it is a really important factor.) So that all running applications work smoothly, choose a tablet with a RAM memory of at least 1 GB. Gamers should then reach for at least 2, preferably 3 or 4 GB, so that they don’t miss their games.

Battery Life

Sitting somewhere where there is no outlet and having to hand in an assignment within an hour is a very stressful experience. Therefore, it is good to have a long-lasting battery that can handle at least 10 hours of operation. Less might be enough if you don’t use a lot of tablets on the go. Batteries with a lifespan of up to 18 hours will really come in handy in older trains or most airplanes.

Display Resolution

Whatever you want to do on your tablet, high resolution will always come in handy. Do you want to watch movies in Full HD or 4K, play quality games, make graphics? In that case, you need at least 1024 × 720 pixels for smaller devices, and 1920 × 1080 pixels for larger ones. The display should also be well lit so that it can be used even in the dark. Also, for watching movies, choose one with a wider range of viewing angles so that more people can comfortably watch the picture.

Data Connection

Being connected to the internet is a must these days. Relying on often unstable Wi-Fi, especially if you are not working at home, is not the best idea. Therefore, be sure to buy a tablet where you can insert a data SIM card with an LTE or 4G or 5g connection so that you can work anywhere. Today, most devices have this option, but it’s better to look at it before buying.

Already have a better idea of ​​how to choose a good tablet? Of course, you can still choose according to the design or external accessories, but the parameters mentioned above are the most important.

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