How To Rank On Google 2023

Rank On Google

The successive changes in the search engine and its search algorithm have been generating new competition scenarios for websites that fight for one of the few outstanding positions in the
search engine results pages.

Appearing in the top positions, increasing traffic, and increasing the number of visits is the primary objective of any website, but improving the positioning of a website is something complex in which many factors are involved.

Although there is no systematic way, there are some good practices to achieve success in your search engine optimization project. Here are some tips that we can apply to make our positioning strategy effective:

Choosing The Right Keywords

The Google keyword tool will allow us to identify the most important keywords in our sector. The word research is critical as these terms will be used in later phases. To obtain profitability, these terms must be aligned with the market niche, the sector, and the target audience.

Optimizing The Web For Google

Of course, before anything else, we must ensure that search engines can access our website and understand what it’s about. It is about preparing the website and taking care of internal aspects such as friendly URLs, unique and descriptive title tags and meta descriptions, absence of duplicate content, existence and correct configuration of robots.txt and sitemap.xml files, correct header tagging… only In this way, we will be making sure that Google correctly interprets our website and can correctly relate it to user searches.

Content Plan

Content is the king of the Internet and is essential for our website’s relevance. It is necessary to define what topics will be written about and what keywords will work. Correctly designing a content strategy will allow us to increase the popularity of our brand as well as add value to our audience.

In content generation, the key is unique and original content, and, in any case, we always have to keep in mind that it is written for humans and not for search engines.

Gain Popularity: Collaboration With Other Websites And Blogs

One of the key factors of organic positioning is the popularity or authority of a website. This is mainly achieved by obtaining references from external websites, known as Link building. Translated as link building, it consists of establishing relationships with other portals and generating links to our site. Backlinks or incoming links are the basis of popularity, although it must be taken into account that it is not only about quantity but also quality. For this reason, we must ensure that they are links from different websites with a certain authority and that their theme is related to ours.

Loading Time

Our website’s loading time is becoming increasingly important for Google. It must be taken into account that the loading time of a website significantly affects visitor behaviour, and according to studies, a user waits a few seconds before leaving our site. Worrying that the site loads fast will guarantee a good user experience and favour our website’s natural positioning.

Beware Of Penalties

In our positioning strategy, it is vital not to make mistakes that could lead to penalties.

Google severely penalizes any practice that goes against its quality guidelines and aims to manipulate rankings artificially. Having said this, we must avoid bad practices such as generating links on disreputable sites, abuse of keywords on our site, massive exchange of links, and, generally, any practice that aims to deceive search engines.

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