Privacy Issues With iCloud For Windows


Users of Apple’s iCloud for Windows report serious data protection problems. Due to an error, some could see images that belong in other media libraries.

What Is iCloud?

The iCloud is Apple’s virtual storage space for data of all kinds. Saving in the iCloud ensures that content can be synchronized on multiple devices. To do this, the devices must be connected to the same Apple ID. Documents, files and photos of any kind can be created on the iPhone, saved in the iCloud and viewed on the iPad. Recently, Apple has expanded iCloud capabilities on Windows machines.

iCloud For Windows

Apple’s services for Apple Music, Apple TV and iCloud photos can now also be accessed more easily on Windows computers. Apple had made its own apps available for this purpose. It was already possible to use iCloud under Windows before, but it was very cumbersome. Apple has improved this and probably overlooked one or two security gaps.

Privacy Issues On iCloud For Windows

As some users report, there have been serious incidents in relation to data protection. Some were briefly able to access photos that weren’t associated with their Apple ID. It cannot be ruled out that the files are photos of other users of iCloud for Windows. Data protection is a top priority at Apple. If photos that were believed to be really safe were visible to others in the iCloud, this is a serious breach of trust.

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