Is The iPhone The Best Gaming Phone?

iPhone gaming

The iPhone is one of the most popular smartphones on the market. Apple fans swear by the device and are therefore willing to dig a little deeper into their pockets. Almost every year a new model appears that can beat its predecessor by far. If you take a look at the technical details of the new iPhone generations, it quickly becomes clear that this is not just pure hype. In fact, the iPhone 13 is currently one of the best smartphones in terms of its inner workings. And gamers liked it too. Some even go so far as to call the iPhone the best gaming phone. But can it live up to its reputation?

Mobile Player Numbers Are Increasing

Mobile gaming started decades ago with games like Snake. Today, there are numerous ways to enjoy games on smartphones. On the one hand, thousands of apps are available that offer games from all genres, on the other hand, you can play in the mobile browser. The diversity of the mobile gaming world now inspires so many gamers that the smartphone has become the most widely used gaming platform. Of course, some genres are better suited to the small screen than others. Card games such as poker can be experienced excellently on the smartphone. The simple controls are perfect for touchscreens, as cards can be easily selected with your thumbs or dragged and dropped.

iPhone Scores On Many Levels

There are a few good reasons why the debate continues as to whether the iPhone is the best gaming smartphone out there. The technical details show that the device not only takes excellent photos, but can also score in other areas. The latest iPhone is available in several versions, the highest quality of which is the iPhone 13 Pro Max. This is equipped with a 6.7-inch display, making it a larger screen than most comparable devices. This means that games are displayed in more detail and players have a better chance of hitting the desired points precisely. However, it gets impressive inside the iPhone 13 Pro Max. The smartphone is equipped with an A-15 Bionic chip, which makes the device more than 50% faster than the average current smartphone.

The processor not only makes the iPhone extremely fast, but also efficient. Thanks to the A-15 Bionic Chip, the battery should also last significantly longer. This is not unimportant for gamers, because the data-heavy apps consume a lot of juice. Of course, the iPhone 13 Max Pro is also 5G-capable, provided the owner has the right SIM card and tariff. This also makes online gaming on the smartphone even more interesting. In Germany in particular, the mobile network is anything but satisfactory, which is why players will feel the switch to 5G particularly strongly.

Apple users feel a big difference compared to Android users. Everything revolves around the App Store. This is not quite as well equipped as its Google competitor and only offers many games for a fee, which are free in the Play Store or offered as a freemium version. When it comes to the big titles, however, you can find almost every game for the iPhone. However, the selection in the store is the only shortcoming that gamers will experience with the iPhone 13 Max Pro.

The iPhone is certainly one of the best gaming smartphones currently being sold. It has great inner workings, is equipped with a large, brilliant display and can receive 5G. However, its biggest competitor will also appear soon: the iPhone 14 . And here we can already be sure: The new model will again be far better!

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