Identification Of talent, How To Find And Promote It?

Identification Of talent


Today we want to talk to you about how to identify talent and promote it . And it is that, in these times, one of the elements most sought after by companies is talent. So… let’s go!

How Can You Identify Talent?

Below, we mention the main keys to identify talent in a specific area:

  • Positive attitude.  First of all, if the employee shows a positive attitude when working in a certain area, we can consider that it is likely that he has some talent in that area. At least she finds it comfortable.
  • Proactivity.  If, in addition to the above, you are proactive, asking questions, presenting plans and ideas, and working with interest even when you don’t have much experience, we can also assume that there is some talent for the job.
  • Fast learning.  Quick learning is always related to talent in that particular area. If you see that an employee is a particularly fast learner in a certain area, you should pay attention.
  • Decision making and problem solving.  If you are able to easily solve problems in that particular area, chances are you are not just an employee following orders, but rather have a special talent for the job.

Leadership skills.  Lastly, employees with talent in some areas tend to show leadership skills in that area, helping others and showing the ability to lead a team (even when they have only been in that position for a short time).

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