Inbound Marketing, Discover How To Attract Your Potential Customers

Inbound Marketing


We want to talk to you about what Inbound Marketing is and why its application is essential in any type of business. Let’s go there!

What Is Inbound Marketing And Why Do You Have To Apply It In Your Business?

We define this method of attracting customers as all that marketing in which we are not going to look for the recipient of the message, but the recipient of the message finds us when they show interest in what we offer.

Within Inbound Marketing we can find the following areas:

  • SEO. SEO is one of  the paradigmatic examples of Inbound Marketing. We only appear before our potential consumers when they search for us on Google (or search for something related to us).
  • Social Media.  Social Media is also within Inbound Marketing because, although we can appear in front of someone who was not looking for us (via retweets, for example), in order for our messages to appear constantly in front of that person, it is essential that they follow us and show a prior interest.
  • Content Marketing.  Content marketing consists of offering content and, in them, introducing what we want to sell in a more or less subtle way, but always useful for the user. Logically, our message only impacts those who consume the content (because they are interested).
  • Contextual advertising.  Contextual advertising is at the limit of this process, but, in general, an ad that impacts a person who was looking for what is advertised is considered to be within Inbound Marketing (for obvious reasons).

As you can see, Inbound Marketing is essential in any business. It is one of the most effective marketing strategies with the highest ROI. Therefore, you cannot miss the opportunity to apply it with your clients.

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