How Do We Retain Our Customers? 7 Effective Strategies

Retain Our Customers

Selling focusing only on promoting is not functional for a company, since it cannot depend on circumstantial sales. For this reason, we often talk about how we build customer loyalty. Because that’s how they make sure they bill even without invasive and permanent promotion. Becoming the favourite of the audience is hard work which involves many actions. In this post we will mention some of their most popular strategies.

How Do We Retain Our Customers ?

As we have mentioned before, loyalty is the result of work that the company has invested. Either for the quality of the product or service, for its customer service or for its trajectory in the market. Either way, these actions speak of a brand and this is what consumers notice and makes them decide to buy. So how do we build customer loyalty? Next we will mention 7 strategies to build loyalty:

1. Personalize Attention:

In recent years this strategy has become popular, but the truth is that it is very effective. When we speak to the customer in a personal way, we make the person understand that we are not an automated answering machine. In addition to making him feel involved, knowing that our attention is focused at that moment, on him. And although it sounds strange, it does manage to captivate buyers. You may have spent several years looking at impersonal commercials that only focused on the product and not your problem.

2. Be Human:

This goes hand in hand with the previous point, because there is no point in calling the person by name if you won’t even take the time to listen to them. The client needs to know that you understand what they are talking about with a person, even if you represent a company. And by this we mean being more empathetic, receptive and getting involved in the conversation. Many times using a casual chat helps the person decide to buy a product. Because they have felt that the person who recommended it to them was a friend or close person, which will stimulate their confidence in the brand.

3. Establish A loyalty Plan:

By this we mean that once you have achieved a sale, we cannot forget about the person. On the contrary, a buyer becomes a critic who can offer us his opinion of the product, which, if it is of quality, will later buy it again. But to get there we have to establish a plan.

There are tools and ways to build loyalty that allow us to contact customers automatically with our leads. However, this is not enough. We must create campaigns even for later seasons where we can offer new offers. The important thing about this step is to remember that our client is a regular consumer, and we have to anticipate his needs to be his number one.

4. Provide Additional Services:

The product itself may be fine, it has a good price and it seems that it can beat the competition, but it does not convince the public. This is how through additional services we can know how we retain our customers. And if you don’t believe it, ask yourself this: Why are offers, promotions and combos so popular? The answer is because many times the product alone or as a unit does not have the same impact.

So do not hesitate to have an additional, something that makes a difference and captures the attention of buyers.

5. Exceeds Expectations:

That is, do not stay in the same and dare to improve more and more. A satisfied customer because they got what they wanted is always a good reference. But a surprised client who was looking for copper and found gold is another level. Since his emotion when using or acquiring the product usually expresses it. Whether it’s with his friends or family, and in the event he doesn’t, there’s a high chance he’ll come back for more. So do not hesitate to do everything possible to get clients like this.

6. Motivate Your Work Team:

Although it may not seem like it, this strategy is very powerful. A motivated team is always a good thing for any company. Because they will ensure that the goals are met and this will allow sales to flow. So don’t just focus on your buyers. You should also pay attention to your workers who are the ones who make it possible for sales to arise.

And if you depend on direct sales this is essential. You have to get your employees to promote a good image of the company. That they make the client feel comfortable and appreciate the attention provided. Something essential for those interested in how we build customer loyalty.

7. Measure Your Achievements:

A campaign or sales needs to be measured to find the relationship between the amount invested or the income obtained. In addition, it is a reference of what we are doing right or wrong. And in the event that the outlook is not very favourable, these results will be a basis for correcting our mistakes and improving more and more. So measure your strategies and get the results you expect.

Types Of Customer Loyalty What Programs Exist?

Yes, loyalty can also be divided according to your method or strategy. Below we will explain 5 programs on how we build customer loyalty:

1. Program By Levels:

It is when we allow customers to manage points of sale that will allow them to scale or level up when making a purchase. And by being at a certain level you will get certain benefits or prizes.

2. Points Program:

It is about making an equivalent in spending by points. The higher the purchase, the more points the person gets. Usually the person accepts it for a reward or offer.

3. Referral Program:

It is about providing rewards or benefits to customers who manage to refer the business to their friends.

4. Game Based Program:

Turn this strategy into a game, in a way that gives the feeling of just entertaining consumers.

5. VIP Program:

It is when clients pay for a membership and obtain certain benefits that they cannot normally. Like better attention, special benefits or exclusive sales.

Examples Of How We Build Customer Loyalty

If you are interested in knowing the effectiveness of these aforementioned strategies, or the union of them, now we will mention 3 examples of loyalty:

1. Coke:

This multinational is not only for selling a well-marketed product. The reality is that the company manages to adapt to the seasons and situations that arise. This is how after the pandemic, in his ” more open than ever ” campaign, he expressed his position and support for bars. In addition to this, it also focused on service with home delivery or take-away.

2. Amazon:

A clear example of the VIP loyalty program is Amazon Prime. Since customers who pay for this service obtain certain benefits, among which are access to exclusive products and faster delivery. In addition to having access to other products from the same company.

3. Starbucks:

In this case , the points loyalty program is present . Since the more points the client has, he will be able to enjoy several benefits. Even so, this company, like Coca-Cola, has a great focus and future vision. And this is evidenced by the possibility of pre-ordering through an online system.

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