With the advent of all-digital technology and changes in consumer habits, the digital transformation of companies is simply unavoidable. Moreover, more than 80% of web companies see their turnover grow each year. Good news, the digital professions, which are all on the rise at the moment, can be practiced as freelancers. So, if you dreamed of choosing an independent profession, now is the time to seize the opportunity! Here are 5 ways to help you choose your new activity!


Digital jobs are often associated with IT skills. Administering databases, managing servers, writing lines of code Indeed, IT is the basis of the web, without it, digital would not exist. Nevertheless, many other professions have now developed around this central core. The Internet professions portal displays, in particular, no less than 80 digital professions in its directory. Communication, writing, marketing, data science, graphic design. All these skills also have their part to play!


The very essence of digital is dematerialization. Books, documents, banking services, consumer goods… The Internet makes it possible to sell products and services in a dematerialized way without having to resort to physical points of sale. In addition, some projects carried out on the web, such as the creation of a website, require the solicitation of skills from time to time. This type of project, which does not last over time, does not require the hiring of an employee on a permanent contract. It is for these two main reasons that digital professions are very easily exercised as freelancers and even remotely. The home office is indeed very common in the middle of the web.


In this list, we will not mention the IT and development professions since they seem obvious. Note, however, that iOS or Android application developers are currently highly sought-after profiles. Here are other avenues in the digital business sector to explore:

Content Strategist

The publication of content has become essential on the Internet, both to animate the commercial relationship with prospects and customers and to succeed in being visible in search engines. Audit, analysis, recommendation, management of web editors and management of optimizations. The content strategist supports the entire implementation of a brand’s editorial strategy on the web.

Growth Hacker

The main mission of the growth hacker is to help a company develop its turnover while reducing marketing expenses. To do this, he uses several skills including SEO, content, data analysis and various digital marketing techniques. At the same time, more subjective concepts will be associated to achieve the growth objective, such as psychology or anthropology.

UX Designer

Specialist in the user experience, this creative profile aims to improve the design of a website thanks to the levers of ergonomics and design. He must put himself in the shoes of the users in order to design easy-to-use websites to increase the sympathy of the brand and promote conversions.

SMO Consultant

SMO stands for “Social Media Optimization”. On a daily basis, the SMO consultant must implement a strategy for acquiring new prospects and customers from social networks (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.). His competence can merge with that of the traffic manager who is responsible for increasing the number of visits to a site by using emailing and the best practices of web marketing.

Data Scientist

On the Internet, at points of sale or through postal marketing, it is possible to compile a large amount of data. This is called “ Big Data ”. But it is still necessary to know how to make these figures speak. The data scientist or data miner is responsible for classifying the data by key indicator and analyzing it in order to build algorithms that will optimize all marketing actions. Objective ? Improve conversions while reducing investments.


The web is still a young sector of activity compared to historical activities such as banking or the press. At the very beginning, employees working in this sector were trained on the job. Today, the schools’ offer has been structured to offer students of all ages specific, generalist or targeted digital training. Training will allow you to make your expertise more reliable and to extend the field of possibilities to exercise your new digital profession.

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