How To Manage A Crisis In Social Networks?

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With the era of digital transformation and the proliferation of social networks , the way of doing business has changed, and especially the way in which we relate to others. Above all, they have revolutionized the way we communicate . It seems that it is not taken into account, but it is essential to consider all the scenarios, which is why this time we delve into how to manage a crisis in social networks .

For those brands that consider a strategy in social networks , a crisis in them can be a problem. In most cases, they are usually solved with the correct intervention by the community manager . However, there are situations that can trigger a digital crisis due to poor management, so prevention is essential.

Learning to solve and manage a Social Media crisis is essential and what makes us differentiate an amateur from a true professional.

What Is A Crisis In Social Networks?

Today, when working in the digital world , problems can arise on any platform at any time. It does not matter what type of company you are: SME, multinational or if you work independently. A crisis in social networks can affect any brand both positively and negatively. This can be one of the first obstacles for brands when considering their presence on social networks in terms of content marketing .

For this reason, the key is to establish a protocol of action in the face of these conflictive situations that allows us to be able to solve them in the best possible way and without damaging the reputation of the brand .

Showing a credible, reliable and professional image of your brand is the first thing you should have in mind, which implies the creation of communities that are faithful to the information that we usually share. And we are aware that it is not easy to maintain it.

This coupled with the fact that, thanks to the speed and effectiveness in real time through which content and information circulate on the platforms , it is very easy for it to become viral content and also influence the commercial environment.

How To Handle A Situation In Social Networks And Try To Prevent The Situation?

At the moment of truth, it is very important to ask yourself and analyze the crisis, what has happened? Why has it happened? These questions will be decisive to advance to the following actions of the plan .

There are different ways and methodologies to manage the crisis process in social networks . This will depend on the brand and the problem in question, but as a general rule, the most important thing is to have good coordination with the internal team , as well as correct consistency in the messages transmitted. 

Always Respond To Your Users

Never ignore a user, be it for a positive reason, and even especially for a negative reason. We must always be there for them and respond as quickly as possible to any type of message.

You must consider that customers are always right. Therefore, they must be attended to as soon as possible , providing more information or sharing a link, for example, where a solution is offered to the client . It is important not to delete comments or block users, although it requires a lot of effort and the situation does not calm down, we must always find the best way to help them.

Monitor Everything

Prevention is your best asset! Knowing how to identify the problem is key to following specific steps through which the incident that may occur is corrected.

Never stop monitoring what is said about your brand as it will allow you to analyze everything that is said both inside and outside of social networks. To achieve greater effectiveness, when monitoring the behavior of your customers you can help yourself with digital tools. These will help you discover more accurately the weak points of your brand . 

Some very useful tools to monitor: Hootsuite, TweetReach , HowSociable, Google Alerts.

Evaluate The Results And Learn From Them

Even if you think otherwise, crises are always great opportunities for learning and growth of a brand .

‘After the storm comes the calm always’. We must not forget that after a problem like this, there must be a plan to evaluate the results to know for sure if all the effort carried out obtained positive results or if, on the contrary, the problem has not been successfully solved. 

After considering how to manage a crisis in social networks, was the ? Did you have to make any changes or adjustments? Is it necessary to redo the contingency plan ?

If the results were not what was expected, you can always make a new plan through an analysis and be able to find the problem in question so that it does not happen again. But beware! That you have successfully overcome a crisis does not protect you from the next ones that may occur. 

Tips For Dealing With A Social Media Crisis

  • Remember that, despite everything, social networks are your best allies .
  • Always show the most human side of your company and admit mistakes. Users will notice when you are not honest and truthful with them.
  • Avoid generating controversy and exposing yourself to the wrath of many trolls . Posting offensive content will not help your reputation.
  • Never respond aggressively or sarcastically to your followers.
  • “Anyone there?” Silence was never well seen . Don’t ignore the people who interact with your brand.
  • Being empathetic will help you connect with people and come to a solution more effectively.
  • Transparency is crucial . Avoid hiding negative things, they always come to light.

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