Keys Of The Instagram Company Profile

Instagram Company Profile

The social mass that brings together the Instagram platform has grown gradually since its launch back in 2010. To be more specific, last year it exceeded the barrier of 1,000 million users . However, this time we are going to focus on dealing with an issue that many have some doubts about when setting up the Instagram business profile .

This social network has become a school of fish for companies , which have seen how this channel has been oriented towards a commercial scenario in which to project their products and/or services. For this, there is a clear requirement: convert the initial personal profile into an Instagram business profile . In this way, it will be possible to start operating correctly using the functionalities that it presents.

What Is The Instagram Company Profile For?

Instagram business profiles are designed to be configured in profiles of brands, organizations or businesses with a local profile, among others, that seek to create a link with a potential audience with whom they can strengthen interaction (and conversion) ties.

For example, this aspect will be relevant when establishing a content strategy on Instagram Ads . Why? Well, because it is necessary to create an Instagram company profile to be able to carry out these promotional and advertising actions , since this possibility is not offered from a personal Instagram account.

How To Put The Company Profile On Instagram?

To create a company profile on Instagram it is necessary -as we said at the beginning- that it has previously been created from a personal account. 

Whether you have an IOS or Android device , the process when applying is very similar. Broadly speaking, this is the step-by-step to follow to change Instagram to company profile :

  • Access the profile
  • Click on the menu icon in the upper right margin.
  • Select the Settings option 
  • Click on the Account option .
  • Select Change account type .
  • It includes additional data such as contact information and company category.

Note : you can always connect your Instagram business profile with the Facebook page of the business in question.

Difference Between Personal And Company Profile On Instagram

At the time of its launch, among the most outstanding options that it offers are the functions that will allow a certain company to generate a greater reach and promote potential contact with the public . For example, the fact of having an Instagram company profile allows you to add additional information in the BIO of the profile with different contact options (email, telephone, address…)

In turn, in addition to the benefit that this company account modality includes on the implementation of these contact options in the presentation of your account, other benefits are rescued for the user when it comes to having an Instagram company profile:

  • Access to more detailed statistics to analyze the performance metrics of the publications made
  • Possibility of carrying out promotional actions of the published content through  advertising actions on Instagram , which implies the availability of a broader audience, promoting brand/business visibility.

Role Of The Instagram Algorithm

Within this plot on the particularities of the Instagram company profile, it is also worth highlighting the role played by the Instagram algorithm when it comes to ‘controlling’ the activity after deciding to change Instagram to a company profile. This works with a series of conditions that revolve around the expectation generated by a certain creativity shared in the Instagram feed or its stories, in order to analyze that generated interest.

On the other hand, -derived from this interest-, it will take into account the levels of interaction shown by the target in relation to the published content. An aspect that will come to value the engagement that accumulates and that consequently translates into the willingness of users to consume the content that is offered to them when they have a real interest.

Lastly (and not least), the algorithm also places special emphasis on the rhythm of publications that is made , where the frequency of these stands as a crucial element to maintain order and dynamics within the profile for users.

Reflection On The Instagram Company Profile

Adapting to the demands of the platform is essential to be able to access advanced options that allow you to optimize and enhance the activity within the platform. Information is ‘power’ , and it is what this network returns to us in the form of statistics on the impact generated by shared publications. Whether you are self-employed or have an SME, perhaps the option of changing the configuration of your Instagram account to a company account may be the first step for you to start taking full advantage of the commercial possibilities that this platform presents .

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