LinkedIn Conversation Ads For Lead Generation Campaigns


LinkedIn is one of the most used and fastest growing social networks at the moment . For example, in 2021 the figure is 727 million active users . Its professional theme , its employability and training possibilities, make it a very different social network from the rest.

This makes users make available to the platform information related to their work life , education , experience , company , sector and skills . Among many other features. All this information substantially increases the possibilities, quality and reliability of segmentation through recruitment campaigns, among which on this occasion we highlight the innovative Conversation Ads model .

Types Of Ads On LinkedIn

As a result of this competitive advantage with respect to other platforms, advertising within LinkedIn has lead generation as one of its most attractive products , highlighting as one of its star formats the LinkedIN Inmail option , a format through which a representative sender of the advertising company sends a message to the potential client with a personalized advertising message .

Emergence Of The Conversation Ads Format

The Inmail format has been with us for several years, positioning itself as one of the most effective in terms of generating leads within LinkedIn. Several months ago, LinkedIn announced the launch of a new format similar to Inmail, called Conversation Ads . An innovative format that includes a chatbot – style ad template within a LinkedIn user’s inbox . A priori, a more complex format that requires more dedication for its elaboration.

After its launch, little by little it is having a great reception among advertisers and users, in many cases surpassing Inmail in results.

Features Of LinkedIn Conversation Ads

The main advantage it presents is that we can add more information than in Inmail, but presented in a much more synthesized way . This, together with the fact that it is the user who decides what information they see before leaving the lead , so we avoid non-relevant information and they can directly access their content of interest .

This type of messages simulates a real conversation

Here are some tips for writing a Conversation Ads ad :

Introduction Of Conversation Ads

It must be brief and with the essential information visible . This part is the only part that the user will always see, so we must pay special attention to what content we present and we must avoid being too extensive so as not to lose the user at first glance.

Another piece of advice when writing the introduction is to avoid sensitive information , such as the price of the product/service, contractual conditions or features that could scare the user away. We can provide this type of information later, either within the Conversation Ads itself, or in a second phase of sale after the lead.

Conversational Tone

Let’s not forget that this type of message simulates a real conversation , so it is important not to give a unilateral message, such as can be given, for example, in Inmail format. In this case, we expect a response, so it is advisable to use questions, exclamations, a more informal tone and expressions that invite the user to continue the conversation .


Once the user marks the answer option they need, the answer must be natural and very consistent with the option marked by the user, in this way we will make them feel that we are responding to what they need and their question is resolved.

Analyze What Worries Users

As if it were a frequently asked questions section of a web page, for the user to leave us their data, it is a good practice to collect and analyze what concerns the client has regarding our product or service and soften their fears. As an example, if we are in the education sector, some useful options for the user would be:

  • Course Format
  • Degrees that I will obtain
  • access requirements
  • Possibility of scholarships/discounts
  • Professional outings

We Don’t Have To Use All Available Options

A common mistake is trying to take advantage of all the options that LinkedIn Ads gives us to add question and answer flows . In many cases, a simple format with a shorter path will be much more useful than a very complex format.

This is a high-level summary of what I’ve learned all this time about LinkedIn Conversation Ads. In reality, there are many other recommendations , but they apply to very specific sectors or companies. As always, we recommend the supervision of professional experts in this area of ​​Paid Media to assess each specific case, determine objectives , optimize campaigns and maximize results.

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