The Influence Of A Corporate Website On The Company’s Image

Corporate Website

Almost every company values ​​its image. After all, the attitude of potential customers and their loyalty depends very much on it.

Most clients can approach a firm with a good image based on other people’s recommendations based on their positive feedback.

As you know, people trust real experience and honest reviews much more than ordinary advertising or assurances from the company’s employees themselves.

Components Of The Company’s Image

Of course, the very first impression is made by the company’s office (room design, furniture, appliances, equipment, etc.).

As a rule, the image is formed based on many components. In addition, employees’ appearance, manner of communication, and tone of conversation are essential.

Further, work’s convenience, speed, and transparency are evaluated (interaction with the client, understanding of his desires and needs, drawing up a contract).

At the very end, of course, the work results and its total costs are evaluated.

Many modern companies, regardless of the size and subject matter of the business, create their websites, the main task of attracting additional customers from the worldwide network. With such a virtual interaction, the company’s image in the eyes of users will be formed a little differently. The initial stage of image formation will change radically.

Judge for yourself – a person will not be able to assess the appearance of the company’s office, the appearance of employees, will not be able to communicate with them live. Consequently, the external image of the company’s appearance will be too unclear and blurry. And this in no way contributes to increasing customer confidence and increasing conversions.

Since there is no actual office and honest people in front of the client, but only a website, it will be the face of the company. By the way, the site looks how clear and easy to use it is; customers will judge the company as a whole.

If the first impression of the company’s corporate website was not too good, then the risk that the user will purchase a product or service on another resource, in another company that has more successfully formed its image on the Internet and its image, will significantly increase.

Improving The Image Of The Company With The Help Of A Corporate Website

How can you improve the company’s image with a corporate website?

Firstly, the client needs to be given the most detailed and reliable information about the goods/services sold and about the company itself. And here, you can use all available tools – unique text content, graphics, videos, etc.

Some Mistakes In Creating A Corporate Website And Their Impact On The Company’s Image

Ideally, the appearance of a corporate resource should be holistic, moderately restrained, but at the same time exciting and unusual (to somehow stand out against the background of a large number of competitors). However, at one stage or another of designing a site, web admins can make mistakes, which subsequently negatively affect the company’s image. We will discuss these errors below.

The Presence Of Non-Working Functionality

In some cases, the site contains unfinished pages or even entire sections. Or some functionality does not work in a particular place on the page, for example, a widget, a module, etc. In this situation, the client will most likely think that the company’s employees are not competent enough (according to the client, they cannot even bring their website to perfection).

A Relatively Small Amount Of Content And A Small Number Of Pages

As a rule, large companies order large, complex and respectable sites—all because such resources fully correspond to the company’s status.

If the site is too small, customers may think that the company is very mediocre (no different from its competitors).

A Large Number Of Unnecessary Elements And Information

First of all, we are discussing graphic elements design elements (flash, animation, bright splash screens, pop-up windows, etc.). In addition, we can talk about posting information that is irrelevant to the site’s subject. All this will also negatively affect the image of the company.

In general, the image of a company is mainly in the hands of the company itself. And the corporate website of the company is an essential element of the image, which should be treated carefully and thoughtfully.

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