Digital Trafficker

Digital Trafficker: Much More Than Online Advertising Campaigns!

The arrival of digital marketing brought with it numerous new professions, such as the community manager, which although we all now know what functions this professional performs, a few years ago it was a complete mystery. And not only the community manager, professionals such as the SEO specialist, SEM or the digital manager also appeared. […]

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Digital Marketing strategy

How to include podcasts in your Digital Marketing strategy

If you already know it, you will have seen that it is a very practical format, since we can consume a large amount of content without diverting attention from other tasks: while we are on the subway, doing sports or, if you are multitasking, during the day. labor. In addition, it is a type of […]

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Digital Keys

Digital Keys To Organize An Event

When you start to organize an event , you have to take into account many factors. If we want it to be successful, we will not only focus on the space to celebrate it, the content or the call. There are other keys that we must not forget and that are essential for the execution […]

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Voice Marketing Strategies

Voice Marketing Strategies, The Technology Of The Future

Can you guess what was the most successful gift this past Christmas? Yes, voice assistants : Alexa, Siri or Google Home among others. The arrival of these voice technologies has opened up a range of opportunities for many brands that have decided to create voice marketing strategies.  Therefore, we are not talking about a future […]

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