How Do I Work As A Secretary Or Assistant Director?

Assistant Director

Secretarial jobs or assistant directors are seen as simple jobs. Instead, they are one of the most important links in a company. It is an ideal job for organized people with planning and customer service skills.

To work in a secretarial or as an assistant manager, it is not necessary to have a university degree; however, it is important to have solid training in this area. Responsibilities have varied over the years and expanded.

Nowadays, work has little to do with the typical secretary figure of the 60s and 70s, in which it was only necessary to have good manners. Currently, the tasks of a secretary include writing and documentation, internal and external communication, organization organization, file management and control, coordination of different departments, being a link between the company and clients, and many more tasks.

Undoubtedly, being able to adequately train for this profession is key to being able to develop it effectively and with ease.

Training Required For Management Secretary

Secretarial training is very complete and involves different kinds of skills:

Financial and administrative: Financial training allows the secretarial professional to handle different documents daily.

Communication: Learning to communicate effectively in the company and knowing the necessary protocols for each situation allows you to be perceived with greater professionalism.

Office automation: Nowadays, it is key that an assistant manager is skilled with office automation and can fluently handle basic operating systems, spreadsheets and word 


Customer service: It is a key point; the person in charge of the secretariat of a company is the link with the outside; that is, for many, it will represent the company’s image.

Organization Organization of events: Having notions of organizing events will also be an important quality since the secretary will participate actively in internal and external events.

Languages: Knowing languages ​​is always a plus. Mainly English, although notions of any other language are also highly valued, especially in companies with international clients or partners.

Usually, the qualification to work in the secretarial area is obtained through an FP. Still, currently, there is a wide offer of in-person and distance courses that will allow you to specialize without having any requirements.

Duties Of An Assistant Director

Mainly, as an assistant manager, you will be the link between the management of a company and all its formal activities. Among its primary responsibilities are the following:

Schedule Management

The assistant director will be in charge of planning and organizing the agenda of the person they assist. They must manage time efficiently and not leave out any events. This work ranges from collecting and organizing meetings to managing business trips.

Document Management

As we mentioned previously, knowledge of office automation is important since the assistant director is in charge of organizing, maintaining, maintaining and controlling the file in a conventional and computerized format.

Customer Service

In this case, when we talk about customer service, we refer to both internal and external. That is, you must attend to the different departments, make the relevant communications, and coordinate them when necessary.

In addition, the secretarial area will also be in charge of receiving calls, forwarding them or filtering them if necessary.

Organization Organization Of The Office

The secretariat is also the company’s area that is in charge of maintaining the office. Your mission will be to organize and keep the material and furniture in good condition and replace them when the time comes.

Preparation Of Presentations

Finally, another of the functions consists of writing specific documentation and preparing work documents such as presentations, graphics or other texts. We must bear in mind that depending on the nature of each company, secretarial tasks may vary; not all of the jobs mentioned will be given, and there may be additional tasks in some sectors.

Professional Skills Needed For This Job Position

Having looked at the main functions of the assistant manager and what areas of training are essential to perform this job effectively, we now look at some very useful capabilities that will make your job easier.

  • Versatility: As you have been able to verify, the functions are diverse, and you must be at the foot of the canyon for everything that is required of you from management.
  • Know how to work in a team.
  • Be discreet since you will handle large amounts of information about the company.
  • Planning: Due to the number of tasks you must perform, you must know how to plan and organize your work efficiently.
  • Have initiative, and be a proactive and eager person.
  • Have social skills such as empathy, kindness or active listening.
  • Flexibility: The job requires ample time availability and the possibility of participating in events and trips.
  • Excellent writing to prepare different written documents.

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