Cybersecurity: Objectives And Functionalities Of The CRM


Customer relationship management has become an essential business practice. Gone are the days when sensitive customer and business data was securely stored in a locked cabinet.

Today, this information, including crucial financial information, such as banking data, invoices and payments, is stored on servers, possibly virtual devices called “cloud”, strongly connected to the web, therefore vulnerable.

Cybersecurity Practices To Ensure Data Security

In the event of a server failure, sufficient precautions have been taken lately to ensure options for backing up data to the cloud or to multiple servers with backup of sensitive data.

In the event of data theft, there are several functions within customer relationship management solutions that can be managed or programmed to guarantee the strictest possible level of security for data stored on servers.

  • Be sure to have long and complex passwords, which are more difficult to crack. If you have a Wi-Fi network at work, make sure it’s secure; in particular by having the router protected by a password that you will have defined yourself and not by the default one.
  • Require anti-malware and anti-virus service on every system! Equip your computers with up-to-date anti-virus software and firewalls to block unwanted access. Have key security software automatically updated, if possible. This automatically protects the endpoints, and thwarts a possible cyberattack.
  • Set up a screen saver with a USB lock! Locking the screen saver prevents unauthorized interference with a machine. USB locks prevent an infected USB drive from compromising an unsuspecting user’s machine. Disabling guest accounts allowing users to access local data and applications anonymously. To prevent insider attacks, it is best to disable this feature.
  • Machines should be updated as often as possible. When a new patch is released, it is important to ensure that it is installed on all machines in your company.
  • Users should also undergo regular training on cybersecurity best practices. Without knowing what to watch out for, users can easily become responsible. They should also have a written reference of these practices and expectations.

The Main Features Of CRM In Terms Of Cybersecurity

Accessing data from a CRM allows you to have control over your company’s information management . You can manage the access authorization and the data concerned according to several criteria.

From a security perspective, this allows for significant customization of access to sensitive data on certain platforms and designations.

Devices Are Not Available In Offline Mode

Threats or the possible availability of data in an offline or non-work environment can be considered a flaw in the use of CRM on mobile devices.

However, the custom security models of these devices ensure that when connected to the server, they are rendered unavailable in offline mode. This keeps data secure through the use of an adequate firewall and remote desktop security programs to ensure that while maintaining productivity, security is not compromised.

CRM Services Based On Navigation Applications

Data stored on platforms or servers like the cloud that interact with a large number of enterprise and consumer devices can make data accessible on the web.

Application-based CRM processes further ensure greater efficiency, ease of navigation; and seamless integration , while ensuring protection against potential data misuse that may occur through external browsers.

Data Sharing Controls

Just as the CRM can be customized to allow access to data, it can be customized to ensure access to copy and share data such as invoices, payments, contacts or more sensitive information; data can be scheduled not to be available for downloading or sharing.

CRM Software, The Essential Asset For VSEs And SMEs

With innovation and modern technology, the threats of privacy breaches and theft are increasing, often beyond what one can imagine. However, CRM software is the most advanced and equipped to meet the needs of modern businesses, with adequate provisions and customizations for security and reliability .

With CRM software, data can be controlled between downloads and sharing, making it secure on the server.

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