Secure Passwords: Small Measures, Big Impact

Secure Passwords

Numerous users worldwide experience part of their everyday life in the virtual world. Digital processes have become established and online banking, social media and digital purchases are an integral part of everyday life. Just as material belongings are protected by precautionary measures, a good password is undoubtedly part of a secure account. Curiously, only a few users attach importance to sufficient protection, although the implementation can be so simple.  

Digitization is advancing and brings with it endless possibilities. Almost everything can now be done comfortably from home. Almost every product is delivered to the front door, payment is made online and no one has to leave the house for social interaction.

However, along with the benefits, there are also some risks. Among other things, cybercrime is increasing, which is why the protection of personal data plays a fundamental role. Passwords are part of this security system, but it still has many gaps. Users often choose words or number-letter combinations with a personal reference that are particularly easy to remember. However, these are also easy to guess and therefore a paradise for hackers. As ExpressVPN found out on its blog , “password”, “iloveyou” or “ashley” are among the most used variations that lack complexity. Instead of personal information, you should use unspecific words or cryptic codes that are at least 10 characters long.

A Perfect Password

Creating a password like this takes a little creativity. If you find it difficult to create it or if you are unsure, you can use a password generator or an app. Here you simply enter the desired length of the password and compile it from a random selection of variations. Another possibility is to create a sentence that is as unusual as possible and use the first letters of the individual words as a password.

This also gives users alternating upper and lower case, which is another criterion for a secure password. Now all you have to do is add special characters. You can either use those that are in the sentence or you can freely decide which special characters fit in which position. If it is impossible to remember the selected password, password managers can help, and Chip introduces the best representatives.

Constant Change

Ten different letters, special characters and numbers are the perfect combination for a secure password and basic protection. However, a password is not enough: it is advisable to use a separate password for each account. In this way, all accounts remain equally protected and do not trigger a chain reaction if an account is hacked. Especially with online accounts or shopping profiles where your own money is at stake, care should be taken to use a secure password. Pro tip: Always change every 90 days. Experts are discussing this measure, as reported by Der Spiegel , but it can’t do any harm.

With this trick, users put obstacles in the way of hackers, since the search for a loophole has to start all over again as soon as a new password has been created. The optimal handling of passwords takes a little time, but every user should take it. Anyone who regards this barrier as unnecessary handling should consider that their own identity and assets could end up on the digital salver.

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