Elon Musk challenges ChatGPT With Grok, His Mocking Artificial Intelligence

Threats Of Ai

Elon Musk Surprises With His New Creation: Grok

Tycoon Elon Musk launched his conversational machine, Grok, powered by artificial intelligence (AI). This innovative system is being tested and is only available to a select group of US users. However, there is a condition to access it at this initial stage: being a paying user of X, the social network formerly known as Twitter.

Grok’s Unique Features

Grok, developed by xAI, a company controlled by Elon Musk, stands out for several features that differentiate it from similar systems on the market. This talking robot is designed to answer any question you ask, no matter how crazy it may seem. Unlike other AI-based platforms, Grok does not have as many scruples and can also suggest questions to the user.

Short And Direct Answers

One of the most marked differences that Grok presents concerning other conversational systems, such as ChatGPT or Bard, is its hooligan and mocking tone in its responses. The screenshots shared by Elon Musk on his personal X account reveal that Grok offers shorter and more direct texts, leaving aside long and detailed answers.

«(Grok) relies on sarcasm and loves it. “I don’t know who could have trained him that way,” Musk comments in a tweet about Grok’s peculiar tone.

An AI For The Benefit Of Humanity

Elon Musk has been one of the most prominent critics regarding developing and launching advanced artificial intelligence solutions. In his opinion, these tools should not endanger the human species but should be designed to “maximize the benefit of all humanity.”

In that sense, Grok has been developed with that objective in mind, seeking to be useful for people with different origins and political opinions. xAI claims that Grok, powered by the Grok-1 engine, delivers better response results than the GPT 3.5 software used in the accessible version of ChatGPT.

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Grok vs. The Competition

Despite attempts by several companies to launch tools similar to ChatGPT, they have yet to succeed. Proposals such as Google’s Bard or Microsoft’s foray with ChatGPT technology into Bing have yet to compete with the influence and popularity of OpenAI.

In that sense, Grok’s future success is not guaranteed, especially considering that, in principle, it will be a paid tool. However, with the backing of Elon Musk and his ability to surprise the world, it cannot be ruled out that Grok will make his way into the conversational artificial intelligence market.

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