Artificial Intelligence

Warehouse Management

Efficient Warehouse Management: 5 Tips On How To Do It

Proper warehouse management can save money, increase profits and contribute to employee and customer satisfaction. We will advise you on how to effectively manage the warehouse. Proper warehouse management can save you money and make more profit . Even if you may not want to make a difference, the result will be worth it. An […]

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Machine learning in production

The Use Of Machine Learning In Production

Machine learning in production? Digitization is omnipresent and is dramatically changing all areas of society, including the manufacturing industry, of course. Mechanical engineering, in particular, will have to face challenges if it wants to retain its product leadership in many areas. Software Is The Driver Industry 4.0 is also being driven and made possible by […]

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Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation Is Much More Than “Just Marketing”

There has been a lot of discussion recently scrutinizing CMOs who, in some cases, are beginning to be pushed off the board by the arrival of “the new kid in town”: the Chief Growth Officer . The CMO vs. CGO debate has been sparked by the growing belief that CMOs don’t know how to speak […]

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