Why Is A Social Media Strategy So Important?

Why Is A Social Media Strategy So Important?

A few Facebook posts, a few likes here and there – social media marketing can’t  be that complicated, can it? Anyone who thinks this way will not be as successful as a social network company. Because when it comes to social media, you can do without a strategy, period.

A social media strategy has numerous advantages: On the one hand, it keeps the plan that is being pursued on course; on the other hand, it ensures that the content is precisely tailored to the user’s user’s needs. In this way, a social media strategy saves time and effort.

If a company does not have a strategy, it can happen, for example, that the company itself pursues a specific goal but miscommunicates via social media. If you advertise on social media channels, you also have to be aware of the opportunities and obligations that come with it:

  • The channels need constant maintenance.
  • Social media users are mercilessly honest: criticism and feedback are the order of the day and should be used sensibly by the recipient.
  • The success and impact of advertising campaigns must be constantly checked and analyzed.

So you see, it’s marketing is essentially a living thing that needs constant nurturing. It it’s not a billboard that you make once and put up; it’s constantly evolving.

Successful Social Media Strategy: Examples

Participation Campaigns

Gucci’s leading example of a successful concept asked users to integrate their newly presented pattern creatively. Starbucks” also got a lot of attention when users designed their mugs.

Purpose-Driven Campaign

With #OpenYourWorld, Heineken dared to draw attention to political and social content and thus created more awareness for marginalized groups – and themselves.


Some companies produce their films – for example, animated movies or even cinema films. Lego leads the way here, bringing the building blocks for numerous adventures to life.

Self Identification

Airbnb ran a campaign to share the fascinating experiences of Airbnb users around the world with its followers.


This risky tactic can be crowned with success and, in any case, ensures publicity. Examples here are True fruits with ambiguous slogans or Sixth with political allusions.

Entertainment Factor

Blend Tec created the term “Will it Blend” as part of a campaign. It is unmixable such. B. Smartphones are put into the blender, where the device can then prove the efficiency with which it can also puree “unrelated” items.

It should be noted here that the Blend Tec company achieves success in two ways: on the one hand, the entertainment factor is covered with the videos; on the other hand, users are involved by being able to decide what to put in surveys for the blender next.

What unites all of these strategies is the creative and original use of the numerous possibilities that social media portals offer. The target audience was precisely identified, and all content was tailored directly to the company’s image and users’ needs. With resounding success!

Conclusion: Social Media Strategies Ensure Authenticity

Very important at the end: Stay on the social level of social media. Your social media strategy is not designed to drive sales and outperforms the competition at any cost. Instead, it should ensure that the company becomes less anonymous and show that regular, trustworthy people are behind this company.

Collaborative processes are also crucial for a successful strategy. You can read more about this in our article:  How social are you? If you take this thought into account and always orientate yourself precisely on the next goal, not much can go wrong. So stay tuned and keep improving your social media strategy.

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