Month: August 2022


Choose The Profession Of E-merchandising

The business of e-merchandising consists of applying all the techniques on a daily basis to increase the sales of an e-commerce site, both in volume and in value. These techniques consist of meeting customer expectations and improving their online shopping experience. E-merchandising aims to develop turnover, increase the conversion rate, improve the average basket, optimize […]

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Traditional Marketing

Choosing Between Traditional Marketing And Digital Marketing, Which Is The Most Effective?

Between traditional marketing and digital marketing, it all depends on the corporate marketing strategy to be adopted by each leader. If for some, traditional marketing still works to find potential customers and make them permanent customers, for others, digital marketing is inevitable. In any case, both techniques consist in transmitting messages concerning a product or […]

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Business Marketing Strategy

Why Implement A Business Marketing Strategy?

The establishment of a business marketing strategy allows the latter to adapt to the implicit or explicit requirements of the market in which they operate. It consists above all in identifying the possible needs of consumers and thus preparing the products to be developed. In the eyes of the public, the marketing strategy is confused […]

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Communication Training

Communication Training For A Successful Digital Strategy

A manager must undergo training in communication because the functioning of a company depends in part on its communication strategy. The development of the company also depends on the way in which the manager and all the employees organize themselves to achieve the common objectives. For this to happen, communication plays a key role. Communication […]

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international language

Three Good Reasons To Study An International Language Like English

Speaking of international language, English ranks second among the most spoken languages ​​in the world. The language of Shakespeare has even become a must when it comes to foreign language training. And its importance lies above all in the fact that it is an international language. The English language is, for this reason, one of […]

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Cybersecurity: Objectives And Functionalities Of The CRM

Customer relationship management has become an essential business practice. Gone are the days when sensitive customer and business data was securely stored in a locked cabinet. Today, this information, including crucial financial information, such as banking data, invoices and payments, is stored on servers, possibly virtual devices called “cloud”, strongly connected to the web, therefore […]

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