Choose The Profession Of E-merchandising


The business of e-merchandising consists of applying all the techniques on a daily basis to increase the sales of an e-commerce site, both in volume and in value.

These techniques consist of meeting customer expectations and improving their online shopping experience. E-merchandising aims to develop turnover, increase the conversion rate, improve the average basket, optimize margins and satisfy prospects and customers. Only effective e-merchandising can differentiate, satisfy customers and improve sales performance.

In the 1960s, effective merchandising was defined by the 5B rule as defined by an American economist Dr. Charles Kepner. Today, the same rule has been retained and optimized to offer the right product, at the right price, at the right time, in the right place, to the right customer and with the right information.

The right product to designate the set of products offered for sale on a commercial site

  • The right price to define the price accepted by customers while keeping a sufficient margin
  • The right time: Now is a good time to talk about seasonal products. For example, the sale of a t-shirt during the summer, …
  • The right place to talk about e-commerce site. It is the highlighting of a product on hierarchical information and navigation. That is, all the ways to reach the product
  • The Good Customer: this is the way to personalize the customer relationship
  • The Right Quantity: Products should always be available to meet customer needs
  • The right information to refer to the quality of the product database

Choosing The E-merchandising Profession: What Are The Advantages?

In concrete terms, the business of e-merchandising consists of better selling on the internet , that is to say, making as many sales as possible and improving profitability while satisfying customers. With e-merchandising, customers are free to search for necessary information without the help of any physical guide.

Very effective yet still under-exploited, e-merchandising plays a key role in the commercial efficiency of merchant sites. It contributes to increasing up to 20% the turnover, the transformation rate and the amount of the average basket.

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