How To Advertise An E-commerce Site In An Optimal Way

How To Advertise An E-commerce Site In An Optimal Way

Are you interested in advertising an e-commerce site that does not sell? Opening an online store has become a real trend. But having a well-made website, a rich catalog of products, or logistics organized down to the smallest detail is not enough. To increase the number of your customers, it is necessary to promote the e-commerce site.

In recent years, many people have improvised in opening virtual shops, thinking that it was enough to create an e-commerce site to make money. The reality is very different. You cannot improvise marketers without a digital marketing strategy, just as you can’t make sales without creating a flow of customers.

To sell online, it is not enough to rely on good intuition. Luck is quite another thing from the business. You can only stop and wait for the wheel to turn your way by working this way, but it might not happen. Growing e-commerce is a goal that requires strategy, perseverance, and study. 

Why not create an e-commerce site?” is not the right question. Before setting out in search of success, the most plausible questions are: “Now that I have e-commerce, how can I promote it? What is the right launch strategy? ” To increase sales, you can work together, leveraging your presence on social media and bringing traffic to your site with SEO. In short, you have to make yourself known, using all the advertising tools to intercept your audience in the best possible way.

Let’s find out which are the best strategies. 

What Are The Mistakes Of Your E-commerce: Why Are Sales Not Taking Off?

When you start selling online, you need to pay attention to every step. Unfortunately, it is much easier to lose a customer due to false advertising or the presence of an additional cost than to win one. Receiving a defective product or delaying delivery are the mistakes that bother consumers the most.  Consider that almost 40% of those who buy online would be willing to pay a surcharge to shorten delivery times.

But these are problems that come later. After the development phase of e-commerce, the first obstacle you face is to bring interested users to your online store and turn them into customers.

How Do You Drive Traffic To A Website?

You start from a straightforward concept: an e-commerce site is a virtual shop, but it is still a shop. So you need showcases and customers to be successful. While a physical store can count on its position on the street, on attractive windows, and the passage of customers, an online store must take action differently to intercept traffic. You must be the one to go and look for your target on the internet, right where he is or where he does his research. 

We give you two essential indications:

  • nearly 39 million people go to social media every month,
  • 50% of product searches always start on Google. The first result is the most clicked one (it attracts 49% of users), while there is a decrease starting from the second.

Concerning this data, it is now very clear that it is necessary to advertise e-commerce on social networks and occupy a good position in Google’s search results to find customers.

Get Reviews From Your Customers

The opinions of others are highly appreciated by those who have to buy online. They are perceived as disinterested and done spontaneously, without ulterior motives. They do not convey a promotional intent, so they tend to increase the reliability of your brand and your e-commerce site. Their function is a bit like word of mouth, which has been one of the most profitable marketing strategies until the arrival of the internet. To get a good number of reviews, you can start by asking your customers for them. It is good to start with the satisfied ones!

Increase Your E-commerce Sales With Advertising

Following online sales trends and being up-to-date on an ever-changing industry can help you give your online store a boost.  Leveraging digital marketing tools allows you to stand out from the competition and intercept many customers. Remember that users distinguish between amateur and discontinuous work from one done professionally.  So if you want to advertise your ecommerce correctly, take care of social media. Don’t forget that each medium has its specific language and has different users. Speak professionally, and don’t use your personal and company profiles indiscriminately.

As for Google: make the most of it; it’s one of the most powerful tools you have at your disposal! If you need advice on promoting your e-commerce site, contact us. We will help you set up the most suitable digital marketing strategy to get your e-commerce sales off the ground with advertising!

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