7 Beginner Facebook Management Mistakes You’re Still Making Even If You’re Not a Beginner

Facebook Management Mistakes

You know, you regularly work on your Facebook profile. You invest your time and money in creating new posts that are guaranteed to break the ice. Well, the fans don’t react the way you imagined. Maybe you are making these 7 most common mistakes that undermine the legs of your Facebook page.

Facebook offers huge opportunities to attract new customers and make yourself known. Many companies use primary advertisements to promote their products, which is also the source of their failure. Social networks were created for the purpose of socializing, so you should take this into account. Addressing fans properly is not as easy as it seems. Especially if you’re making these 7 mistakes.

1. Uninteresting Content That You Think Is Interesting

One of the most common mistakes is uninteresting content. And that stems from the fact that you have a poorly specified target audience. Or you don’t have it specified at all. Or you add what you like regardless of fans. Who do you want to appeal to, who are your customers, what are they interested in, what type of content do they prefer, what language do they communicate in, why should they be interested in you?

These are the questions you should know the answer to before you start sharing anything on Facebook.

After all, no one will follow your profile regularly if the posts are outside the identity of the page or did not meet the expectations. If your target audience is coffee drinkers, posts about coffee are in order. If you decide to publish anything because you think it’s funny and your friends really liked it, but it has nothing to do with coffee, you won’t go far in building your brand.

Consistency of information is key to getting people to associate your content in the right situations.

The rest is of course about creative thought and copywriting. Quality content marketing and producing an article that is somehow interesting is important. If the posts don’t add value to your audience, sooner or later they will unfollow your page.

What Is Quality Content?

In the case of the mentioned coffee, it can be specific instructions on how to prepare coffee specialties. Or reviews of coffee brands that are available in our market and are worth it. Alternatively, recommendations for cafes where lovers will find their way and why. Or you can talk about world trends and how to handle them at home.

2. I Forgot To Add A Post, Now I Will Give Two At Once

It’s tempting, because at least Facebook will fill you with something… But, Facebook doesn’t work like a pill that you forgot to take and now you’re trying to catch up on the missed dose.

The second most common mistake in managing a social network is spamming posts. You know, you have a lot of posts that you should post as soon as possible. Because then they won’t be very relevant anymore. Many companies make the mistake of throwing them out right away.

There is nothing worse than putting out 3 posts in a minute. You can be sure that you will not please your fans very much. Additionally, posts are shown to people on Facebook based on their popularity and fan interaction. It is very unlikely that all of them will enjoy such popularity at the same time.

The result is content that has gone unnoticed just as if you hadn’t published it at all. Are you having problems managing your internal Facebook? An SEO agency will help you.

What Is The Solution?

If you find yourself in a similar situation, choose which post has more value and time sensitivity. Publish that one. Think over the rest and use it later in such a form that you will be interested again. There is always room for improvement, so take it as a challenge and a second chance.

3. Incorrect posting time

Time is a very important factor in social media management. Not everyone is on Facebook 24 hours a day, so you should focus on the times when your audience is most online.

How Do You Find Out This Information?

On your Facebook page, open – “statistics” – “posts”. For each day, you can see at which times and in what numbers your audience is online. Plan your content accordingly.

Usually the largest number of online audience is in the evening. Many social media managers are aware of this, so expect a lot of competition in posting. Therefore, you should once again return to point 1 and 2.

For complete beginners, individual Facebook posts can be prepared and timed in advance. So you don’t have to remind yourself that now is the right time to publish something and live in stress when this reminder catches up with you.

4. Sales That Never End

The worst thing you can do on your business Facebook profile is to constantly try to sell or offer something to your fans.

Yes, advertising and promoting your product is important, just don’t overdo it.

People don’t like too much advertising, so you should include some funny, educational and interesting posts in your portfolio of posts. Consider that people are not always interested in buying. It depends on their current needs.

On the contrary, if you create a relationship with them based on your expertise, based on a human approach and quality information, the fan himself will remember where to buy or whom to contact.

Ideally, alternate useful content with non-violent advertising, competitions or current discounts. Well, all posts should have one thing in common.

To provide a solution and improve your fan’s life in some way.

5. Disputed Contributions

I would definitely avoid controversial posts, especially on politics, religion and similar topics. They act as a double-edged sword. Either you gain fans or you lose them. This rule applies only if politics and religion is not the main purpose of your Facebook.

Contentious posts can upset your fans or cause negative discussions. There is a risk that you may lose many fans or even significantly damage your brand. Therefore, handle such posts very carefully.

6. Quantity Of Fans At The Expense Of Their Quality

In the past, the prevailing opinion was that the more fans a page has, the better and better it is. I will have to talk you out of this mistake. This statement is no longer valid.

Facebook is constantly changing and today posts are not shown to all users. It is important to have fans who like, comment and share your posts. That means, they are interested .

It is better to have 100 fans who are actively engaged than 100,000 who do nothing. Pages without active fans are dead pages that are not visible to almost anyone.

Let’s say it again, social networks are used to communicate. If it’s only from one side, and that’s yours, something went wrong somewhere. Therefore, you should be more interested in how many of them are active than the final number of fans.

7. Humanity

Facebook, and social networks in general, is a medium that serves to connect people. It is therefore important to treat them like a person and not like a machine.

You’ve probably already encountered the approach of many companies that responded mechanically and used pre-prepared templates for every situation. One store chain paid for this strategy very quickly when, thanks to his machine-made answers, they reached a dead end on one of his posts, where their status received many negative posts and reactions from their users.

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