The 3 Essential Web Steps To Exist Online


Today, whether you are the bearer of a business creation project in industry, service or commerce, being present on the web has become essential!

Nevertheless, developing your business using digital technology requires looking at three key elements: the domain name, online presence and the definition of an appropriate web strategy. We give you the keys to a successful online presence.

The First Step In Creating A Site Is Choosing The Domain Name

Take the time to define it well because it will be inseparable from your brand on the internet and it will also represent one of the key factors for effective SEO. Indeed, it will allow your customers to identify you and attract prospects. To do this, opt for a domain name that is simple, easy to remember, that has meaning and relevance, especially in other languages.

Generally composed of the name of the company, it will be wise to add your activity to it using a main keyword. This will be beneficial for your natural referencing as well as for your digital communication.

Teasing On Social Networks

One of the primary goals of a start-up business is to get exposure. Indeed, your customers will not be able to find you if you have no visibility. Teasing is precisely a popular marketing strategy on the Internet to make yourself known. Many companies use this advertising technique to attract the attention of prospects and arouse their curiosity before revealing the content of a commercial offer .

Different media make teasing possible, including social networks, which allow you to reach a large audience at a lower cost, a significant element when launching an activity. Here are some ideas for announcing the creation of your business:

  • Communicate about the launch of your offer by creating a professional page on social networks.
  • Create a hashtag: this will make the launch of your offer more concrete and make it easier to follow what is being said.
  • Increase the feeling of expectation: have your offer tested beforehand by ambassadors and relay their opinion on social networks.
  • Retain your community: organize a contest accessible only to fans of your page.

The expectation resulting from the teasing will make it possible to carry out a storytelling, to begin to give a unique identity to your offer and if necessary to set up a crowdfunding campaign. However, doing it too soon would risk audience fatigue, and too late would not build enough momentum to engage your community.

Web Strategy Optimization

Time, money and know-how represent three blocking points for the majority of entrepreneurs. How to overcome these possible shortcomings in order to succeed in your entrepreneurial project?

Setting up a schedule will allow you to organize yourself better and be more productive. For example, creating an editorial strategy for social networks will allow you to act effectively and adapt your messages. You can complete it by using management tools to bring together all of your activity in one place, plan all of your posts in advance, gain efficiency and optimize the time spent on social media.

Starting an entrepreneurial adventure without having a budget to devote to communication is also common. Thus, using social networks and more generally the internet will allow you to increase your visibility at a lower cost.

In a highly competitive and constantly changing market, monitoring is also essential in order to adapt its services and ensure the sustainability of your business. To start, you can subscribe to your competitors’ newsletter and use free monitoring tools. It will provide you with a lot of information on your market in order to adjust your offer.

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