Digitization Of Companies: New Workspaces


New workspaces have emerged with the digitaization of companies. Promoting exchanges, opening up to the outside world, embodying the brand or participating in the well-being of employees, essential issues in a changing world. So how do you adopt these concepts within offices and teams?

Redefining The Uses Of The Corporate Office

In the digital age, companies have had to redefine their office uses. The layout of these new offices and their function include a managerial and HR dimension. This directly impacts the company and its productivity:

  • Reduced real estate costs
  • Better productivity
  • Employee mobility
  • Well being at work…

Digital technology has made it possible to develop these new ways of working and to take advantage of these collaborative spaces thanks to the many tools made available to employees which encourage mobility: computers and mobile phones, wifi connection, cloud, etc.

The opening of workspaces is accompanied by the creation of meeting points to facilitate exchanges and sharing for more creativity. Companies are setting up many reception areas such as coworking offices to allow employees to interact with a community to stimulate innovation and creativity.

New Workspaces And Business Opportunities

Last year, more than 600 coworking spaces were identified in France . These new workplaces appeal for their decompartmentalization, the ease of reception, the enhancement of the companies hosted or the possibility of business opportunities. 

Coworking is indeed the place of networking, it allows you to meet other professionals (start-ups, entrepreneurs, business leaders) in a friendly and serene atmosphere.

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