Do Companies Know The Level Of Digitization Of Their Workers?


The day to day in a company usually goes so fast that sometimes we do not stop to analyze the potential that is hidden within it. If we ask the question: how well do companies think they know their workers? it is likely that a high percentage of responses were little or very little.  

Knowing in depth the level of knowledge and digital skills of each of our employees can help us carry out more productive work focused on objectives, as well as making the right decisions and designing a training itinerary that suits us. The opportunity to grow and transform ourselves is part of knowledge. 

This task is key to achieving the digital transformation of the company and being able to compete in the market environment in which we operate. So where do we start if we want to get the most out of our team? Let’s organize it step by step:

  •  We must begin by detecting through a talent map what each of our employees is like. 
  • Next, we will review the adaptation strategy to the company’s new environment and we will select those qualities necessary in the worker for the success of the strategy.
  • The next step would be to analyze the results obtained in the talent map and carry out a distribution of data at the area and company level. In which departments do we have X type of profile? What skills does each worker have? What do we need in each of them?
  • The final step we suggest you take is the development of individual career plans. We must enhance the capabilities of each employee with training.

Identifying The Level Of Digitization Of Our Company

We already have a step-by-step summary of how we can identify these characteristics of our equipment. Now it is important to know how to do it. You may already be familiar with the DIX concept or formally better known as  The Valley Digital Index.  It is a standardized tool that allows us to measure specifically digital skills and knowledge . Through the analysis of behaviors, uses and knowledge of the team members, the level of each user will be identified, being able to detect the training needs of the employees. 

Do you know which of your workers can act as a speaker in any important communication? Do you know who are born divers of innovation and technology? Have you identified the profiles that will lead the change in your company? It is likely that there are people in your team with a digital profile that you did not know and who can provide a function that will make them grow professionally while promoting the company.

Digital transformation is about that, about creating the path to the new digital environment together . But first we have to discover who we are digitally and what main role we can bring to the company. This will help both the company and the professional, who will be able to identify which areas they need to strengthen and in which they are more expert. 

What Are The Benefits Of Having A Talent Map In The Company?

Through this tool we can obtain the talent map of our organization , but the key question is… how does this specifically help us?

  • We can know the digital level of the company compared to other sectors or companies. Are we following the right path? Are we up to our competition?
  • It allows us to identify the different digital profiles (pusher, influencer, relational, thinker, explorer or supporter) to make organizational decisions in transformation processes. Thanks to these results we will be able to know if we should get more out of the profile of one of our colleagues and who knows if he is one of the people who has to lead the transformation. 
  • It helps us measure digital knowledge and skills within a group or department. For example, we can find a true influencer within the financial area with a key role in generating opinions in people and who can attract a large number of followers with their communications. A profile of this type in different departments can improve the company’s culture and strengthen the strategy. 
  • We will identify the training needs within a department to establish an appropriate training and development plan.

How Should We Act Once We Know The Results?

Once this individual test has been carried out by the team, The Valley analyzes and presents the results to jointly observe the data. When we already have a complete vision of them, we must take action and create the roadmap that will help us design the path towards the digital adaptation and transformation of the company. 

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