Do You Want To Be A Personal Shopper?

Personal Shopper

Personal Shopper is one of those professions that, when you explain it, either they don’t understand you, or you get flooded with clients. Mainly in large urban centres where time is money due to long trips and daily traffic jams, more and more people are seeking a professional’s help to advise them on their image and the acquisition of items. Most fashionable, be it clothing, electronic gadgets, decorative items, etc.

Turning to a Personal Shopper at specific times to accompany you to buy the most suitable suit for your figure, advise you on the perfect colours for your skin tone and discover the ideal complement to make the whole outfit stand out, even more is the solution Ideal for those who do not have time or who are a bit lost in the face of fashion.

If you like fashion, personal advice and keeping up with trends, this could be your ideal job. Do you want to know what possibilities it offers?

What Training Do I Need To Work As A Personal Shopper?

The Personal Shopper carries out advisory and support tasks that, in principle, anyone can feel qualified to develop, but nothing is further from reality. Taking a Personal Shopper course, such as the one taught at our centre, becomes essential to establish severe and professional foundations for your different functions. And it is not enough to have good taste; a Personal Shopper must have good training and education.

Knowing how to conduct a colour study, analyse the face and understand the different types of silhouettes is essential to carry out the work efficiently.

The personal shopper must also be up to date with the trends in aesthetics, makeup, hairstyle, clothing, and accessories. For this reason, this professional must know the different aspects of the various areas and be able to adapt them to the characteristics of each one.

Employability For Personal Shopper Professionals

The personal or social demand to appear impeccable at public events such as a wedding or a work event is increasing the work of Personal Shoppers. Although this profession began due to the demand of specific clients, generally of a particular social position, the range of potential clients has increased.

Wearing the perfect suit, tie or hat at your daughter’s wedding, being the most elegant person on that group reunion night or having a closet with all the necessary accessories without wasting time are values ​​valued upwards. They are ceasing to be a minority market.

Today’s shopper is not only requested when attending events but also on a day-to-day basis. In today’s society, many people do not have time to keep their wardrobe up to date and turn to these professionals for help.

What Are The Functions Of The Personal Shopper?

Before commenting on the daily functions that personal shoppers perform, we must know what skills are required to carry out this profession.

  • Absolute discretion.
  • Listening and analysis skills.
  • Good cultural level, education, manners, taste…
  • Extensive knowledge of social and business protocol, etiquette, etc…
  • A good dose of communication to correctly convey ideas and notions to clients.

Among the functions carried out in the daily work of personal shoppers is constant training. It would help if you dedicated time to publications and websites on fashion, trends, etc. You must also know the establishments to purchase the products.

In each consultation, you must investigate the client. Know your needs, the environments in which you move, and, if possible, your agenda to anticipate your needs.

Personal shoppers can also be found in companies dealing with the public where a specific wardrobe is required.

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