How Do You Make A Resume?


When we send resume to apply for a job or conduct a job interview , it pays to invest the time it takes and pay our full attention to every detail. It is neither more nor less than our cover letter, our hallmark and key to the company where we want to work.

With the CV we must be able to capture the attention of the recruiters in a matter of seconds, since Human Resources professionals receive hundreds of these documents at the same time. Laura Aguado, a specialist in People and Organization at Ecoembes, therefore recommends giving it the importance it needs, and answering the question: How do you write a resume that is useful for finding work ?

Highlight The Professional Experience Related To The Position 

Focus attention and select those professional experiences that you want to value, according to the position you are applying for. Professional experience and training are the most valued aspects, so it is important that this section stands out from the others, and responds to the needs of the vacancy profile. In fact, it does not hurt to have several types of resumes prepared that are adjusted to the different specialties that you want to highlight, depending on the type of job.

Clear And Concise Career Path

Structure the explanation about the professional trajectory in a way that makes sense and gives a feeling of professionalism. It has to be clear and concise . In these cases, “less is more”, so the more information is synthesized, the better. Also noteworthy, especially today if we are familiar with digital knowledge . The recruiter, in most cases, will be a person who does not know the person who is applying at all, so the content of the resume must be sufficiently understandable so that no prior information is necessary.

Justify Periods Without Professional Experience

The jumps from one professional experience to another -with empty periods- tend to attract the attention of the selector, so it is advisable to justify those gaps or “gaps” in the professional career. We can all have moments of professional break but it is always important that it is justified so that we do not give a feeling of neglect or little interest in our professional development.

Tell The Truth In The Resume

The truth is quality. Lying or making something up is always a bad option. What is legal is to take advantage of and get the most out of a specific experience -as long as it is real- that for some reason we want to value. Deception, however, leads nowhere, because sooner or later it ends up being discovered and all opportunity to access the vacancy will be lost.

A Resume Without Errors

Take care of personal data , reviewing the contact information many times to verify that everything is correct. It is evident that if there is an incorrect phone number or email, there will be no way to contact the candidate.

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