How To Comply With Gender Equality In Your Company

Gender Equality

Today, companies have a responsibility to ensure gender equality in the workplace and prevent workplace harassment and gender-based violence.

This is important from an ethical and moral perspective and a legal requirement under the Law.

SMEs must ensure they meet these obligations as they often have limited resources and may not be familiar with gender equality laws and regulations.

To meet these obligations, your company must conduct a risk assessment and establish clear policies and procedures to prevent workplace harassment and gender-based violence. 

They must provide training to employees, have a transparent process for reporting, and address any incidents of workplace harassment or gender-based violence.

You must ensure that your hiring policies and practices are fair and unbiased.

That there is no gender discrimination in remuneration and career opportunities.

However, they often need help knowing where to start or how to implement policies and practices to meet these obligations.

This Program Consists Of The Following:

  • Creation of informative material.
  • Review of documentation: internal regulations, occupational hazard documents, current signage,
  • etc.
  • Establishment of action protocols.
  • Training of specialized teams: Occupational risk team and other committees.
  • Delivery of training actions to raise awareness.

These Training Actions Are Distributed In Workshops That Include:

  • Basic concepts.
  • Presentation and explanation of Protocols.
  • Dynamics of learning and awareness.
  • How to detect non-inclusive language and how we behave following egalitarian language (biases).
  • Recognize workplace and sexual harassment.
  • Raise awareness of gender violence and its accompaniment.
  • Final control of achievement and learning.

For your company to comply with its legal obligations, improve the culture and work environment.

Build a solid, committed reputation.

And meeting these obligations is not only the right thing to do, it has a positive impact on company culture and success.

SMEs can attract and retain top talent by creating a safe and fair work environment.

The Labour Inspectorate is carrying out further inspections.

It is being verified that companies have a protocol adequate to the requirements of the regulations.

There are sanctions for not having a protocol against workplace violence and sexual or gender-based harassment.

And the sanctions vary depending on the seriousness of the infraction, from €7,501 to €225,018

Please do not wait until it is too late to comply with the obligations of the Law.

Make sure you have an equality protocol today.

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