How To Optimize Accounting Processes?

Optimize Accounting Processes

We know that the accounting area needs time to carry out manual work such as entering accounting data, generating invoices, payroll, delivery notes or any other usual document.

You can optimize the process with either of these two options:

Outsource accounting processes

Automate accounting processes

The Question Is How To Know Which Is The Right Process For My Business?

The outsourcing of accounting processes allows all the activities related to the accounting of your company to be in the hands of another company specialized exclusively in said services to other companies. They will use their own tools and employees for it.

The cost of outsourcing accounting to another company will depend, to a large extent, on the number of flows or actions you want to derive. You can only assign them the management, generation, sending and payment of payroll or the entire financial statement, which would be more expensive.

Process Automation

However, process automation uses platforms for capturing and automating data: this model does not require any other company because it only consists of the implementation of modern, optimal and intuitive software that allows accountants to carry out their work with greater quality, speed and efficiency.

Once the management program that has convinced you is implemented in your own accounting department, a normally cheap and fast process, your employees will have to become experts in it to achieve their best performance. There are times when certain employees find it difficult to train and integrate new ways of working in their day-to-day.

Telecon helps you with this problem since in addition to making a simple installation of our optimal platform for the capture and process of data automation and integration with your ERP.

We also offer a highly recommended training service for workers. It is not long or difficult: the tool is intuitive and simple.

Our solution is cheaper than outsourcing accounting processes, in addition, they will be able to carry out several activities at the same time: management for automatic data entry, division and categorization of documents, verification and export of data. Countless tasks in a single interface.

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