Automation Is Changing The World Of Work


Automation: Machines and robots often perform many tasks faster and more precisely than humans, and software and algorithms often decide the rest today. Even skeptics must admit that this development is accelerating, and many experts are already talking about the “Fourth Industrial Revolution.”. “

The most important reason is greater efficiency – and thus primarily an economic explanation. Many people first think of robots and fully automated production lines that ultimately spit out fully manufactured products when it comes to automation. Or to logistics robots that can move goods from one place to another efficiently and without human intervention.

Automation Takes Different Paths

However, this is only part of the development. In our data-driven world, many data processes are also automated in the background, which is no less important than the physical part of the automation.

In principle, it is about automating processes with a repetitive pattern. In direction, it doesn’t matter whether it’s about welding two metal parts, bringing packages from A to B or processing data automatically. An important part of automation in companies is automating the data processes that happen within the data warehouse.

Robots Take Over The Transport Of Goods

Amazon, for example, is a pioneer in the use of new technologies and has been using robots to move goods in its warehouses for some time. Additionally, since the beginning of this year, the tech giant has been testing the accuracy of its algorithms, which have been refined through years of tracking customer behavior, at its near-staffed Amazon Go supermarkets in Seattle to accurately predict what customers want how much they would pay for it.

These are automation projects that are largely based on data processed in automated processes. The Seattle retail giant is expected to leverage this new technology into a major competitive advantage to become a force in online commerce and retail.

There is no real debate among experts whether the development will continue to increase. And since automation can quintuple efficiencies in some areas, there’s no question that companies need to automate to stay ahead of their competitors. This applies equally to the manufacturing industry and the service sector.

Automation Is Changing The Job Market

There is no doubt that this development also impacts the labor market. However, Amazon claims that it creates jobs, not destroys them. Where repeatable work tasks involve inordinate amounts of time and therefore inefficiency, these tasks become perfect candidates for automation. A recent Willis Towers Watson survey in India found that 60 percent of employers believe that harnessing the new opportunities would lead to more human skills and job creation rather than pure labor substitution.

Businesses Win Through Automation

In addition to the higher efficiency, there are many other advantages. By automating repetitive patterns, companies become more agile and deliver their products faster. At the same time, automation also increases the quality of many results and leads to a higher level of consistency. Finally, frequent changes in business needs can be accommodated more easily. Also, by automating repetitive tasks, developers can focus more on the design of a process to get more out of existing resources.

Automation is here to stay, and companies are effectively forced to deal with the topic. A core task of every company will be automating its data process. Companies dealing with this topic should start revising their data warehouse since almost all other functions in modern companies are based on data.

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