Why use Microsoft Azure?

Microsoft Azure

Today the Microsoft brand is known, to a greater or lesser extent, by practically everyone; although it is clear that those people who work in the world of ICTs will have greater knowledge than those who simply know this company through office tools such as spreadsheets or word processors. Today we are going to talk about a relatively recent product of this brand, specifically, Microsoft Azure , which went on sale on January 1, 2010.

What Is Microsoft Azure?

Microsoft Azure is, as we can see on this web page , “Microsoft’s application platform for the public cloud”. This platform offers a variety of services (all of them integrated in the cloud). These are just some of the services it covers: analysis tools, databases, storage, multimedia services, etc.

From this definition, what may entail a greater difficulty is “ the cloud ”. This term means that we can have all our files in a single place that we can access from wherever we want and with any electronic device, as long as it has Internet access.

What Are The Features Of Microsoft Azure?

  • It is an open and flexible platform , since it allows the use of operating systems (Windows, Linux, Android, iOS…) and programming languages ​​(Java, PHP…) that each client wishes.
  • An operating system is a program that works as an intermediary between the user and the computer; Thanks to it, the rest of the programs work.
  • Programming language is the language that humans use to communicate with computers.
  • You pay for what you use . The approach that Microsoft has applied in this platform is one that we apply in our day to day. I will explain it to you with an example: the water that reaches our homes is a service and depending on how much water you consume, you will pay more or less money. Microsoft Azure is exactly the same, you pay for what you use.
  • Everything you may need is available online, accessible from anywhere on earth and from any electronic device that has Internet access.
  • It allows you to store a large volume of files , whatever their type. These files are protected at all times and covered by the ISO 27018 standard in order to increase the privacy of your customers in the cloud.
  • Related to the previous point is security . Sophisticated protection measures are not available to everyone and this platform gives customers the assurance that their data will be completely safe.

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