3 Success Factors Of Digital Events

digital event

One thing in advance: far more than 3 success factors are necessary for a digital event to be successful. As a small foretaste of my presentation, however, I would like to highlight three points that are particularly important to me, which in my experience are inextricably linked to the successful implementation of an online event:

Life Is Live: Recordings Are Not Art!

One thing is certain for me: Make sure you hold your online event as a live event! This is the only way you can use the diverse possibilities of participant interaction at all. For me, live events have the following advantages: All participants and the people in the studio are there at the same time, can get involved in different ways, get to know each other and exchange ideas. My experience: The commitment of everyone involved is also significantly higher live than with recordings.

Participants – Interaction: Get In Touch With Your Audience!

Who wants to be showered for hours during an online event? I definitely don’t! In general, at online events you have to work hard to keep the participants happy. They often sit alone at home in front of their computers and laptops. It is therefore of great importance to integrate various interaction options into the event process. This ranges from classic surveys to the integration of external tools – such as Slido.

Precise Technical Planning: Nothing Works Without It!

One push of a button is enough to start the live stream? It is not that easy! In practice, every successful online event is based on precise and complex technical planning. This includes a sophisticated set design, modern video, light, camera and sound technology, competent direction that never loses its nerve, but also comprehensive participant management.

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