3 Impulses For B2B Marketing

B2B Marketing

Tip 1: Find The Right Place

On the one hand, business is done between people. On the other hand, everything that can go digital will go digital. This raises the question: WHERE and HOW will we do digital business with each other in the future and where is it worth being active? Apparently, LinkedIn is the place of the hour. But LinkedIn is a CV platform, so it is designed to be person- and not company-centric. This has significant consequences, as the algorithm prefers postings from people, while companies have to pay dearly for reach. We are experiencing the same development here as we once did on Facebook. So if you don’t want to get into the race of the increasingly expensive lead generation, you should look around for practical alternatives to pure social media offers.

Tip 2: Have The Courage To Leave Gaps

You don’t need to reach everyone with engaging content, you need to reach the right people with messages that are relevant to them. So search and find the niche that suits you and your offering. Reach in the sense of a purely quantitative lead generation is expensive, time-consuming and can annoy those addressed. Watering can was yesterday. So proceed in a target-oriented, qualitatively oriented and thus efficient manner. It’s all about business creation and not lead generation!

Tip 3: Formulate Clear Offers

When you have found the right place for your company and the right niche for your range of services: Formulate clear offers. What products or services do you offer? How does this benefit your customers? Put on the hat of your favourite clients: What do I need to feel well taken care of and taken seriously? Do you really take your customers seriously – or do you just want to sell something at all costs?

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